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Stop Playing

Like the Council of Nicea a few no good men like George Washington sat around making decisions and statements like this, “If we would agree to take the fezzes, and turbans off the Moors’ heads and remove the sandals from their feet and enforce it with severe punishments, and also to swear a death oath between ourselves religiously, and faithfully not allow anyone to teach the moorish children whom they really were or who their forefathers were…” I say, “STOP PLAYING”.

Teach the children the truth. Teach and Organize. We have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Occupy your mind and then occupy your children’s!PEACE!!!!


The call for March 20th is “U.S. Out of Afghanistan & Iraq Now! Free Palestine! Reparations for Haiti!”

The march is being called for by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now To Stop War & End Racism)

Marcel Cartier is a member of the Party for Socialism & Liberation (PSL). The PSL is in the steering committee of the ANSWER Coalition

The march has been endorsed by people and organizations such as: Cynthia McKinney (former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party pres. candidate), the New Black Panther Party, Ramsey Clark (former Attorney General of the U.S.) and many more. For the list in formation: visit

The ANSWER Coalition called for some of the largest demonstrations during the Bush-Cheney years. ANSWER took a principled stand immediately after 9/11 in calling for demonstrations against the bombing and occupation of Afghanistan, when it was generally unpopular to do so.

Many organizations that were active during the Bush-Cheney years have ran away from the anti-war scene in the aftermath of the Democratic president Obama taking office. One treacherous group we can mention is UFPJ (United for Peace & Justice). They are basically a liberal group that backs Obama completely and refuses to protest. This is despite the fact that there are currently way more troops in both countries than there were under Obama. In addition, Obama has backed the military coup in Honduras, established 7 military bases in Colombia, and overseen the occupation of Haiti under the guise of “aid”.

The war budget in Afghanistan and Iraq is roughly $8,000 per second, or $12 million per hour.

The website of ANSWER is The website for the march itself is

There are several buses departing from NYC the morning on March 20th and returning the same night. People interested in coming are asked to contribute $40 for the bus fare.

Moor questions? or if you feel you need more specific information on certain issues, let Marcel Cartier know tonight at 8:00 p.m. on Abundance Child Live .

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