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Abundance Child Live Presents God Hop Science and the Movement

We are dealing with the State of Music and in particularHip Hop and the effects it has on the people. You have to ask yourself what happened? What happened to music? If you remember in the 70s and even the 80’s and into the 90’s music was socially conscious it was politically correct. Everything that was going on in the world was mirrored in the music and vice versa but today things have changed.

What happened to the music?

The one consistent that you see with all of the genres of “rap” is that it is not uplifting life anymore. It is not socially conscious. The so called conscious rap does not get any play on radio or tvat all.

It is by design that the gangster, young swag, and dance rappers get pushed. The people who are in control do not need money they just want to control the music.

The music is the soul.

The music is the people.

If you can control the music then you can control the people. Our intellectual property, the things that influence the music, the things we write say and do. We have to learn to hold on to it and control it for us.

We have to take that back. ~Sol Messiah

Tonight is Thorough Thursday…and AC Live presents the God Hop Science and the Movement.

The Chief Navigator is Sol Messiah. Special Guest are Ra Akhu d’Cozmophyzixian and Lloyd Strayhorn (the award winning astro numerologist).

On Wed. 2/29 Lloyd Strayhorn will be doing a special leap year mini workshop at Nicholas Brooklyn in NY. For more information contact King Simon at (347)496-1022

Tune in here:

Or Call to listen to the show: (347)215-6592

Sol Messiahh. He is called the Navigator, the Bey of God Hop. He is to God Hop what Afrika Bambaata is to Hip Hop. His only focus is organizing and generating real energy that will empower communities and generate currency that will sustain healthy lifestyles. This translates to “Eat some Food, Teach the babies, Rock some shows” = FOOD, CLOTHING, HIP HOP


She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen

Yes yes she’s the best, you the best, yeah she’s fresh. rose gold on her wrist, amethyst on her neck. You impressed? She cares less. your whole style compressed in a box like the rest, on a shelf in fedex. Who is she? the seed, she’s the blood that u bleed, the amniotic fluid that the unborn will feed, she precede pen and paper she’s papyrus and the reed. she’s the earth, she is stars, She is first, watch her lead.She is space, She is dark,She is noah and the ark, She is heaven, She is light, She is stillness,She is flight,She’s the heights and the depth, and all the in between. She is good when she’s good, but a beast when she’s mean. Danger danger she’ll eat your rhymes up with a spoon danger danger she’ll beat ur rhymes up with her goons. she can settle beef under the darkest side the moon. But you betta make it quick cuz she’ll be outta here soon. Rraaaahh!

Mic check, lets connect, you on deck, yeah she’s set. Headphones on her dome, yellow beads on her neck. You gon wreck? She’s a vet. Since the days of KMT rock shows with her crook and her flail on her chest. She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen. Melanated so they calling her a afrikan. She is yaa asantewaa, queen champion, give her an enemy and she will battle em. who is she??? She’s the truth, She is 1 hundred proof, She is now, She is then, She is old, She is youth. She is joy, She is love, She is pain causing hurt, She is stone cold jewelry in a rakim verse. She’s mahogany, ladies first, run’s house, black cop. Rock and roll, reggaeton, r&b and hiphop. Djembe, beatbox, turntable, planet rock. Bambataa, jam master, monie love and sa-roc.

Press press, press record, you are serf, She is lord. She will slice up your lines with her personal sword. She is sharp like she’s mensa with groundbreaking scores, you stay mad cuz she tower and you falling short. She is life,She is death, She is all things between. She is most times invisible, but seldom unseen. She the queen, She is pauper. Mother, daughter. Air, ether, fire, water. Sorcerer, shaman, sekert, amen. Kali, lakhsmi, Vishnu, brahma. She’s a vessel, balanced level. Chaos, discord, heavy trouble. Single, double, wormhole, tunnel. All and nothing. Lightweight-crushing. Highest-lowest, teacher-poet. Greatest mc-think I’m bluffing?

God Hop Movement Presents Food, Clothing, and Hip Hop

No child left behind? Well the children of the United States are ranking in the low to mid teens in reading, science, and math. Over half of middle aged children in the United States lack elementary proficiency in reading. The epic proportions of drop outs at primary and secondary levels is proof  that student needs are not being met and that we may have to reassess our teaching methods and ideologies.

The elements of Hip Hop are the essential building blocks that are needed  to build mental and physical life skills in our communities right now.  Afrika Bambaataa the Godfather of Hip Hop called the fifth element, knowledge of self.  Armored with that knowledge, The God Hop Movement presents Food, Clothing, and Hip Hop. This is a cultural education project that  will teach the history and development of Hip Hop’s  (Indigenous Art) culture. It will engage and educate students  about  health, community development and advocacy, social entrepreneurship, leadership and team building, and career development.

For more information contact:

Abundance Child,  Public Relations,  347-766-6717

Rhyming Session God Hop Style @ wrfg 89.3 Atlanta



Dr. Umar Johnson and Prof. Griff Event Photos

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SA-ROC: ETHER WARZ(pre-order)

When I’m writing I invite you to the right side of my brain. Infect you with my inflections, impress you with my refrains. Hundred and twenty verses of personal self reflection. Painstakingly written to clarify your perception. Sa-roc will not be compromised from lines that break bad on wax but fall flat at press time. I’m destined to take root in stars but right now I grind in suede boots and silk scarves. I’m built hard with soft spots and weak moments, and through all of the challenges I just keep forward. Cuz I prayed that I would speak and yall would understand the pressure that it takes for god mc to be human again I’m stressing. Failure’s not an option but mediocrity’s taunting me following every rhyme like a hawk and I know that they can’t wait to catch me slipping. But this one is for you and me so we gon polish up this gold glistening!

This is word sound power. My sonic booms is blowing out mics and stage lights, I’m consecrating sound booths dressed in all white. Pass me a super hit I’m just getting the mood right. bout to throw it down in the kitchen cuz this is food right? I done got my weight up, building my body of work, proudly display my medals cuz healing is valiant work. Im 14 days fasting, disciplined self mastery. Fire breathing get that high energy moving faster. I am phoenix, look at how I’m rising from the ashes. Knocking the opposition out the ring call me cassius. My team extraordinary their crew is average. If they going left I will exit stage right. Rewriting text til I get the feeling the page right. My mothership music changing your brain patterns. this is outer space technology science is game shattering.

My light never dissipates it refracts and bends thru the looking glass lens. Watchful eyes sit and wait for the moment I give in. for cheap tricks and flash to invade my sentence. But my mission came written like genetic imprints. each line is pure. Soft voice demure, belt out a rhyme til throat’s raw and sore. Peep dudes pick up their jaws off the floor. cuz fresh jawns can rip their shows like the boys. I show out on tour. wild tights couture, dook chains and gold hoops, loc styles galore. peace over war, but trust they attack my sword at the door. I’m not in it for minutes of false praises. Im brick laying mortaring stones across stages. Adapt and adjust my flow to moon phases. elevate the crowds with chants and dune phrases.

from SA​-​ROC: ETHER WARZ​(​pre​-​order), track released 13 December 2011
Album Rises on 12/0/2011

New AC Live Promo featuring Sa Roc and Kalik Scientific

Music Produced by Sol Messiah
Video produced by Street Pressure

Oso Random Show: Episodes 1&2

Totally random and exaagerated. Our youth do not ever cease to amaze me. These two young sisters from Atlantis Tsehai Messiah @ Sigele Messiah have something going here with the Oso Random Show. The content is innocent while addictive and is equipped with organic natural relative messages that we should be expecting from our daughters. Tsehai and Sigele are both directing and editing their show. Impressive! Kudos to their parents!!!!!!

With the influx and infiltration of garbage fictitious programming being marketed to our children I want to hail up our youth that continue to just be themselves. I have tons of these childen on my mind but these two are special so help me raise awareness about their show so that they will not go unnoticed and so that we can feed them with the nourishing support necessary for them to not ever feel the need to go to the other side.

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