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She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen

Yes yes she’s the best, you the best, yeah she’s fresh. rose gold on her wrist, amethyst on her neck. You impressed? She cares less. your whole style compressed in a box like the rest, on a shelf in fedex. Who is she? the seed, she’s the blood that u bleed, the amniotic fluid that the unborn will feed, she precede pen and paper she’s papyrus and the reed. she’s the earth, she is stars, She is first, watch her lead.She is space, She is dark,She is noah and the ark, She is heaven, She is light, She is stillness,She is flight,She’s the heights and the depth, and all the in between. She is good when she’s good, but a beast when she’s mean. Danger danger she’ll eat your rhymes up with a spoon danger danger she’ll beat ur rhymes up with her goons. she can settle beef under the darkest side the moon. But you betta make it quick cuz she’ll be outta here soon. Rraaaahh!

Mic check, lets connect, you on deck, yeah she’s set. Headphones on her dome, yellow beads on her neck. You gon wreck? She’s a vet. Since the days of KMT rock shows with her crook and her flail on her chest. She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen. Melanated so they calling her a afrikan. She is yaa asantewaa, queen champion, give her an enemy and she will battle em. who is she??? She’s the truth, She is 1 hundred proof, She is now, She is then, She is old, She is youth. She is joy, She is love, She is pain causing hurt, She is stone cold jewelry in a rakim verse. She’s mahogany, ladies first, run’s house, black cop. Rock and roll, reggaeton, r&b and hiphop. Djembe, beatbox, turntable, planet rock. Bambataa, jam master, monie love and sa-roc.

Press press, press record, you are serf, She is lord. She will slice up your lines with her personal sword. She is sharp like she’s mensa with groundbreaking scores, you stay mad cuz she tower and you falling short. She is life,She is death, She is all things between. She is most times invisible, but seldom unseen. She the queen, She is pauper. Mother, daughter. Air, ether, fire, water. Sorcerer, shaman, sekert, amen. Kali, lakhsmi, Vishnu, brahma. She’s a vessel, balanced level. Chaos, discord, heavy trouble. Single, double, wormhole, tunnel. All and nothing. Lightweight-crushing. Highest-lowest, teacher-poet. Greatest mc-think I’m bluffing?

This is what GOD HOP is doing to rap music!



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Dr. Umar Johnson and Prof. Griff Event Photos

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Abundance Child LIVE presents Sa-Roc: Ether Warz

Like Minded: The Fantastic Four

Taj Anwar: National Coordinator- M.O.B.B.
The FTP Movement is a machine and what makes the machine work is the belief in family ties, trust, loyalty, integrity, discipline and punctuality.
The Fantastic Four. Real Women doing Real work.
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