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Richard Donald vs. Jackson 5 “ABC” Remix

Richard Donald has to ask,” Have you noticed that music has gotten louder and colder over the years?like it used to be softer and warmer sounding? Disregard content for a sec….I’m spefically talking just about the aesthetic…the affectation of the abstract sounds of it.”
He will quickly point out that “like, Motown, you can hear each instrument in the room etc.Now its so compressed that it sounds like a huge ball of sound.”
He has come to the harsh reality that 1/3 of his fans are listening to the majority of their music on mobile devices while he is trying to mix audio to sounds that are organic. Frustrating as it may be, he knows that his sound production and engineering does not trans;ate well to an iphone speaker or earbuds.
Just when you think Richard Donald should give up, because no producer can ignore how people listen to music nowadays…here comes a  Jackson 5 Remix of “ABC”.  Richard laughs, “Haha people assume that I just remastered the origial song, but no, I recorded all the instruments in the background..Trying to closely imitate while still infusing ME!”
Album Cover design by Richard Donald. Photo credit unknown. Logo credit unknown.
Immediate download of ABC (Jackson 5 remix) in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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