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The Birth Certificate 360

I determined a long time ago that I was not going to be a woman that sits idly and watches my people’s freedom wither away while the masses buy into an illusion of major obstacles to make adequate changes in their daily personal lives. I have the knowledge, the wisdom to apply , and the innate natural overstanding to Stop Playing. Although Katrina and Haiti did not directly effect me today it is only a matter of time that it could.

In nature all we have is nature to protect us. By perpetually living in the land of Oz and the Matrix all we have is ourselves to protect us from their architects. It is in these days of enlightenment there is an abundance of information that is being released into the atmosphere. Natural and supernatural events (many referenced by the ancients) are superimposing our perceptions and it is time to wake up and deal with the reality of our existence.

So here we are with unseen shackles and nooses dangling around our throats. We are part of a cycle and this is the season that we should take heed and consider that our ignorance,robotic, trained, and conditioned thought patterns and any resulting actions that are in opposition to nature have consequences.

Our natural (birth)rights are being voluntarily usurped. We are to complacent and dare to call ourselves conscious when we are dead, asleep. We have no concept of what our power is individually or collectively. I am doing these workshops to appeal to the sons and the daughters of first creation who still feel a need to be representatives of Nature.

What I am proposing to eradicate is our fear in the face of the opposition to the sons and daughters of a nature that patiently awaits for us to amalgamate and deviously attempts to eradicate us. I am proposing to eradicate the general hopelessness that there are no home remedies to the diseases we suffer from intermingling with Colonists. I am willing to share what has worked for me.

I start with the Birth Certificate because it is my duty as a woman to take responsibility as a woman. From my perspective everything starts with the woman. We are the ones that give birth to the children, inform on them, and surrender them to the corporation plantation and utilize that status to reap financial benefits from claiming them as a fiction. In my humble opinion sisters need to STOP TALKING about anything else (its not relevant) and go reclaim your children!

Get a hold of yourselves people. Stop complaining about the white man, the Europeans, and the Plantation if you do not want to apply the solutions to get off the plantation. By starting with the Birth Certificate I will show you how to love your self and your children enough to protect them from someone other than your jurisdiction. After State of Mind, this is the commencement to the rejection of any type of assistance from any inorganic entities. These corporate fictions engineer crisis and solutions to entrap us into depending on them for the basic of functions like having babies, growing our own food, healing ourselves, educating ourselves, trading, and even worshiping.

We consistently contract ourselves into their corporate jurisdiction. If we avoid doing business with them what will they have? If we avoid any type of assistance from them we will raise ourselves back to our natural state, change the climate of our communities by teaching our children to be responsible for themselves. They will know that the U.S.A. or the U.S. is not their parents, not part of the human family nor party of their immediate family. They will naturally know how to support themselves and ultimately will Uplift Fallen Humanity.

I am not going to spook anyone out. I am not going to get into capital letters and lowercase letters. For those who are interested in that information look to the “U.S. Government Styles Manual” for the evidence in section on “ABBREVIATIONS AND LETTER SYMBOLS” at:

I am not going to go into more advanced questions of the possibilities of canceling or voiding State Issued Birth Certificate or Certificates of Birth or how to monetize them.

These are Stop Playing:Common Reality Workshops.
This is what I will do:8-9 pm (Part 1) Birth Certificate in general. 9-10 pm (Part 2) Application of the BC as an instrument and the effect on our natural birth rights. 10 -11 pm (Part 3) Walk through how to create an alternative document.

This is a simple solution to keep new business (our babies) in our (their) natural birthright status and keep old business of (being bonds men and women) the same until one is ready to apply moor advanced level of solutions available. Many moor have come before me with Ecclesiastical, National and even Redemption strategies…It is up to you to do the research and choose your path. I just want you to be able to have alternative options while you are seeking.

Tune in this Thursday @ 8pm EST.
Log on to
or Call 347.637.2270 to Listen and or Ask Questions.

Plugged in or out?

Black: the term defining a people, the color, the state of consciousness etc… is a reality and a force to be reckoned with whether you self realize or not. On higher levels no term can define one’s reality. On a mundane level we must meet the people where they are at. The people need help to transition to their most supreme place of choice because the paradigms are shifting. What will one do when the hologram of perspective reality and the illusion the matrix cease to exist?

The message is clear and if not, one can learn how to tap into their ancient memories and become clear.The matrix can no longer determine our value. The polarities must be reversed individually and collectively. Whether one’s perspective and state of consciousness is the Moorish American, Black, Indian, Aboriginal, Islamic, Christian or any other persuasion the messages are the same. The messages are translated so that everyone can take the summary of their life experience and use the core values of polarity reversal and apply it.

The Public domain is the Matrix. This is the realm of everything conceived in thought or the mental and made a so called physical reality. It is an illusion made real by one’s lack of concentrated thought and dependency upon the illusion.The opposite is the private cosmic concentrated collective that comes from the all. It is the sovereign in all of us. It is the Cosmic connection energy that sustains real life…living.

We as a people karmically had to physically fall and be molested, raped, entirley violated, and confused in order to maintain our spiritual status. The higher Courts are now in session and are on a mission to bring forth justice.The injuries have been documented and will be used in a court of Natural and Divine Law. The scales are Balancing. This is not some pie in the sky “I need a self help book” strategy. This is reality. This is not an illusion. Like the totem in the movie “Inception” and the Glitch in the the movie “The Matrix” this reality can be checked. While one is contributing to the matrix illusion one does not factor in the deja vu moments where one taps into one’s mental archives of years uncounted. The goal is to have a permanent deja vu experience and get out of the matrix. Once one remembers why they programmed themselves to go into any matrix in their life, the goal is to get unplugged at least in way where the difference between the known and unknown can be determined. This may be a challenge to some.

There is a new ruler ship mooring the ports of various dimensions. There is a purifying and cleansing taking place. These new rulers are huemanitarians and righteous rulers that are spreading wisdom that can only come from antiquity. These rulers are coming from different houses but are of the same life force, connected. They have an equal partnerships, some have revealed their partnerships and some have not. They are here to restore the balance.

“Black Dennis the Menace”, I don’t know SuTekhEl...What I got sounds similiar to uplifting fallen humanity Bey ond physical Nataionality…Yall check King Noble’s random podcast out for yourself….It was in 4 parts on various different channels.

Part 3
Part 4

Paraphrasing:He said he was about the people. Huemans. Not organizations in the like that become selfish and lose sight of their original mission. This Random series was well done and not what I nor you expect. Concentrated thought my people…concentrated thought. Any thoughts?

Always for the People

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