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A message from John Graham

Peace and greetings,

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to assist us in this endeavor to help raise the standards of music. The support of God Hop has been phenomenal and we truly look forward to your feedback.

In an effort to direct people to one location to promote the album I’d ask that you use as the link of choice. People will be able to click on the album cover on the front page which will take them to iTunes where they can purchase the album.

We encourage people to support the album by downloading and sharing it personally with those who they believe would be interested in hearing it. If you’ve got it on your iPods, then share your headphones with someone you’ve never met before who you think may like hip hop. If you have people at your home, and you’re playing music, throw some of the songs in your playlists. Turn it up when in your cars. Let people see your wristband usb’s and start conversations about the music. We want people to connect over good music organically, just as we used to do before the digital age.

The standard email blasts and social media postings are encouraged and appreciated. Blogs, e-mags, radio, etc are also a huge help if you can get an audience. Essentially, we want you to reach out to whom ever you have personal connections with to gain consideration.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly. Again we appreciate your support and hope you thoroughly enjoy our offering.

Love & Light,


Check out the in-depth review of Success In Retrograde EP by a Ego Freedom Fighter E Ru Shruggington! It’s almost as if she were right there with me as I wrote the album… She’s an amazing writer!

Abundance Child LIVE presents Sa-Roc: Ether Warz

Like Minded: The Fantastic Four

Taj Anwar: National Coordinator- M.O.B.B.
The FTP Movement is a machine and what makes the machine work is the belief in family ties, trust, loyalty, integrity, discipline and punctuality.
The Fantastic Four. Real Women doing Real work.

Welcome to Pharaoincorp

To get your wings…go here

Abundance Child LIVE featuring Kil Ripkin

You Are Now Rocking With The Best

“The only way to describe red and blue is incredible defy the odds” in a set of two… They engage in the energy,  while most people are dodging in and out of frequencies, they just keep taking us higher.The writing is on the wall! ” WATCH THE PILLARS”. LISTEN TO THE PILLARS!

What has been thrown at these brothers that they have found the strength to take the responsibility to do what they do? How did they learn to weild their swords. What are the outlets that have utilized that are available to you? Red Pill and Blue Pill of Know The Ledge TV and Radio   “SPIT TO THE REAL” with Abundance Child for the first time in Herstory.

This is a bonus! Welcome to our combined classroom. Know the Ledge University meets Abundance Child. LIVE. Where students become teachers….Listen in as they give you some inside jewels to the new industries and standards that are being set right  now.

This is how we win. Tune in.

A Royal Star Allah and Stahhr Just Stahhr

A Royal Star Allah and Stahhr Just Stahhr
by The Abundance Network
Thu, Nov 10, 2011 10:00PM

The reality of child hunger in America is completely unacceptable. Royal StarAlalh knows this firsthand. Since January of 2010 he has endeavored to inspire greater public awareness of child hunger, using the internet and the most sophisticated social strategies our generation has created to do so. This includes standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign that simply reads “END CHILD HUNGER.
”Royal Star Allah invites you to join the End Child Hunger CampaignWhy? Because the idea that a significant number of our children that are hungry is completely unacceptable.

That Was You?”- 11 Years of staHHr Gems Mixed by DJDeliver. Join us as we listen and build on a musical time capsule/retrospective of Stahhr’s favorite features, collaborations and takeovers … you already know that 11 gateway is sirius.

Stahhr represents the Universal Law. She has done this in love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice on many a stage with the likes of Del, MF DOOM, krs one, JOHN robinson, Lewis Parker, Luciano Baraka, PATEN Locke, PUNCHLYNE, Homeboy Sandman, Boot Camp Clik, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, J-Live, Jasiri X, Brother J (X-CLAN), C-rayz, Cymarshall Law, One Be Lo, Company Flow, I Self Divine, Dilated Peoples, and Professor Griff.

Don’t believe it? SMH. Tune in.

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