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Digital Mind Control

Functional Magnetic Resonance
Backdated, Archaic
FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance)
No moor Secrets ,Aqaurian Age Politics, The I know
displayed pulsed images
emitting electromagnetic fields
currents, manipulating nervous systems
via pulsing images ,computer monitors, Programs
exciting sensory resonances
in slaved subjects, generated
in display, matrix environments
subliminal intensity
Pentagon, Pscchotronics, Technology
Silently Spreading
Broad Spectrum Frequencies
since the early 90s
SSSS: Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
causing physical, emotional, pyschological
spiritual effects cause subtle compliance
Mind Control, Entire Populations Manipulated
Tell Lies To Your Vision In High Definition
HAARP Transmitters
GWEN and Microwave
Cell Phone Towers
Cables,Satellites, Digital everything Converters
Got you Boxed Up
CIA masquerading, Codex Regulating.

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