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Abundance Child Live Presents God Hop Science and the Movement

We are dealing with the State of Music and in particularHip Hop and the effects it has on the people. You have to ask yourself what happened? What happened to music? If you remember in the 70s and even the 80’s and into the 90’s music was socially conscious it was politically correct. Everything that was going on in the world was mirrored in the music and vice versa but today things have changed.

What happened to the music?

The one consistent that you see with all of the genres of “rap” is that it is not uplifting life anymore. It is not socially conscious. The so called conscious rap does not get any play on radio or tvat all.

It is by design that the gangster, young swag, and dance rappers get pushed. The people who are in control do not need money they just want to control the music.

The music is the soul.

The music is the people.

If you can control the music then you can control the people. Our intellectual property, the things that influence the music, the things we write say and do. We have to learn to hold on to it and control it for us.

We have to take that back. ~Sol Messiah

Tonight is Thorough Thursday…and AC Live presents the God Hop Science and the Movement.

The Chief Navigator is Sol Messiah. Special Guest are Ra Akhu d’Cozmophyzixian and Lloyd Strayhorn (the award winning astro numerologist).

On Wed. 2/29 Lloyd Strayhorn will be doing a special leap year mini workshop at Nicholas Brooklyn in NY. For more information contact King Simon at (347)496-1022

Tune in here:

Or Call to listen to the show: (347)215-6592

Introducing Narubi Selah

It’s Molotov Season

God Hop Artist Stahhr’s new album Mother NTR with a Molotov drops in mid April and the listening party is on Wedenesday 2/22/12 at Cloud IX Lounge in Atlanta, GA please join us tonight for our own listening session and discussion on the science of Molotov! Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka-n-Heru Hassan El-Salim and Dr. Baba Kilindi Iyi both World Renown Speakers and Afrikan Montu Artist will be at the National Black Theater on Sunday from 3:00pm Meet them tonight on Abundance Child Live.


Mouth Spa Tooth Powder” A Review

I am very mercurial about what I purchase especially products I have to put in my mouth. Also, I truly am the loud mouth that sees something

and always says to anyone willing to pay attention, “I can make that at home”. Speaking of that, look forward to the ACOA Home Eco(nomics) Store opening in March 2012. Back to this spa for your mouth! This tooth powder is one of the best things I have purchased next to my first purchase of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap in 1993.

So I smoked cigarettes for 5 years. I noticed that the bottom of my teeth (they are closer together) were getting quite stained. Also, I do not floss as often as I should….In steps Holistic Height’s Mouth Spa Tooth Powder. Do you know that feeling that you have after you get your teeth cleaned from the dentist? Well no dentist that I have went to (and I have been going on the regular since I was a child (my mom did not play when it came to our shoes and our teeth, lol) has been able to produce results like one (yeah 1) application of the tooth powder. I feel like a I have a brand new set of teeth and gums right now. No dentist visit ever made me feel like that.

This powder is child friendly as well. Both of my daughters love it. One of the ways that I use it is without water. I ether use it straight on the tooth brush and rinse when complete. Sometimes,  I want a total spa experience I use it in conjunction with a natural fluoride free tooth paste.  Either way it is ALWAYS a satisfying experience.

The reason I was prompted to write today is because two occasions this week I felt a scratchy throat coming on. I could feel the build up all  in my sinus areas. When I wake up one of the first things I do is brush my teeth. I noticed that my throat felt immediately better after brushing with the tooth powder. Later in the evening I felt it again. I decided to brush again….Bammm! Scratchy throat done…Sinus irritation Done! I woke up this morning …my voice was hoarse though?. You can listen to me tonight on AC LIVE . I already brushed my teeth and my voice loosened up a bit. I am sippin on some  tea right now and making sure I continue to only eat raw…but I can assure you if you tune in tonight the hoarseness will be gone!!!!

LOOK at what Holistic Heights has to say about their product….do the knowledge. ”

Our products are free from added glycerin, dyes, fluoride, artificial sweeteners, silicates (sand), stabilizers, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other toxic materials that damage teeth as well as health. We know that the capillaries in your mouth are open doors to your entire bloodstream. The widespread chronic infection of gums (gingivitis) is believed to contribute to heart disease. Whitens teeth, Tartar Control, Removes plaque, Kills bacteria & bad breathe, helps heal bleeding gums, reduces inflammation. Ingredients: Irish moss, Neem, Myrrh, Activated Charcoal (Carbon), Stevia, Cinnamon, Imported Caribbean Clove, & high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.”

Finally! The tooth powder has officially made my AC HOME ESSENTIALS list also because it is economical. One jar lasts wayyyyyyy longer than your average toothpaste AND it is wayyyy better for you. All I am waiting for now is a commercial so I can advertise it on the Abundance Network. I love this stuff.

Stop Playing

Like the Council of Nicea a few no good men like George Washington sat around making decisions and statements like this, “If we would agree to take the fezzes, and turbans off the Moors’ heads and remove the sandals from their feet and enforce it with severe punishments, and also to swear a death oath between ourselves religiously, and faithfully not allow anyone to teach the moorish children whom they really were or who their forefathers were…” I say, “STOP PLAYING”.

Teach the children the truth. Teach and Organize. We have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Occupy your mind and then occupy your children’s!PEACE!!!!



God Hop: Moor Merchandizing



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Stop EuroArabiacizing everything!

Arabs are to Kemet/Kush what Europeans are to Native Amexem.

She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen

Yes yes she’s the best, you the best, yeah she’s fresh. rose gold on her wrist, amethyst on her neck. You impressed? She cares less. your whole style compressed in a box like the rest, on a shelf in fedex. Who is she? the seed, she’s the blood that u bleed, the amniotic fluid that the unborn will feed, she precede pen and paper she’s papyrus and the reed. she’s the earth, she is stars, She is first, watch her lead.She is space, She is dark,She is noah and the ark, She is heaven, She is light, She is stillness,She is flight,She’s the heights and the depth, and all the in between. She is good when she’s good, but a beast when she’s mean. Danger danger she’ll eat your rhymes up with a spoon danger danger she’ll beat ur rhymes up with her goons. she can settle beef under the darkest side the moon. But you betta make it quick cuz she’ll be outta here soon. Rraaaahh!

Mic check, lets connect, you on deck, yeah she’s set. Headphones on her dome, yellow beads on her neck. You gon wreck? She’s a vet. Since the days of KMT rock shows with her crook and her flail on her chest. She is 2 hydrogens plus a oxygen. Melanated so they calling her a afrikan. She is yaa asantewaa, queen champion, give her an enemy and she will battle em. who is she??? She’s the truth, She is 1 hundred proof, She is now, She is then, She is old, She is youth. She is joy, She is love, She is pain causing hurt, She is stone cold jewelry in a rakim verse. She’s mahogany, ladies first, run’s house, black cop. Rock and roll, reggaeton, r&b and hiphop. Djembe, beatbox, turntable, planet rock. Bambataa, jam master, monie love and sa-roc.

Press press, press record, you are serf, She is lord. She will slice up your lines with her personal sword. She is sharp like she’s mensa with groundbreaking scores, you stay mad cuz she tower and you falling short. She is life,She is death, She is all things between. She is most times invisible, but seldom unseen. She the queen, She is pauper. Mother, daughter. Air, ether, fire, water. Sorcerer, shaman, sekert, amen. Kali, lakhsmi, Vishnu, brahma. She’s a vessel, balanced level. Chaos, discord, heavy trouble. Single, double, wormhole, tunnel. All and nothing. Lightweight-crushing. Highest-lowest, teacher-poet. Greatest mc-think I’m bluffing?

Get Your Merchandise Up!

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