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Abundance Child Live Presents God Hop Science and the Movement

We are dealing with the State of Music and in particularHip Hop and the effects it has on the people. You have to ask yourself what happened? What happened to music? If you remember in the 70s and even the 80’s and into the 90’s music was socially conscious it was politically correct. Everything that was going on in the world was mirrored in the music and vice versa but today things have changed.

What happened to the music?

The one consistent that you see with all of the genres of “rap” is that it is not uplifting life anymore. It is not socially conscious. The so called conscious rap does not get any play on radio or tvat all.

It is by design that the gangster, young swag, and dance rappers get pushed. The people who are in control do not need money they just want to control the music.

The music is the soul.

The music is the people.

If you can control the music then you can control the people. Our intellectual property, the things that influence the music, the things we write say and do. We have to learn to hold on to it and control it for us.

We have to take that back. ~Sol Messiah

Tonight is Thorough Thursday…and AC Live presents the God Hop Science and the Movement.

The Chief Navigator is Sol Messiah. Special Guest are Ra Akhu d’Cozmophyzixian and Lloyd Strayhorn (the award winning astro numerologist).

On Wed. 2/29 Lloyd Strayhorn will be doing a special leap year mini workshop at Nicholas Brooklyn in NY. For more information contact King Simon at (347)496-1022

Tune in here:

Or Call to listen to the show: (347)215-6592

It’s Molotov Season

God Hop Artist Stahhr’s new album Mother NTR with a Molotov drops in mid April and the listening party is on Wedenesday 2/22/12 at Cloud IX Lounge in Atlanta, GA please join us tonight for our own listening session and discussion on the science of Molotov! Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka-n-Heru Hassan El-Salim and Dr. Baba Kilindi Iyi both World Renown Speakers and Afrikan Montu Artist will be at the National Black Theater on Sunday from 3:00pm Meet them tonight on Abundance Child Live.


Abundance Child Live featuring Umar Johnson and the Twin Pillars

New AC Live Promo featuring Sa Roc and Kalik Scientific

Music Produced by Sol Messiah
Video produced by Street Pressure

Digital Mind Control

Functional Magnetic Resonance
Backdated, Archaic
FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance)
No moor Secrets ,Aqaurian Age Politics, The I know
displayed pulsed images
emitting electromagnetic fields
currents, manipulating nervous systems
via pulsing images ,computer monitors, Programs
exciting sensory resonances
in slaved subjects, generated
in display, matrix environments
subliminal intensity
Pentagon, Pscchotronics, Technology
Silently Spreading
Broad Spectrum Frequencies
since the early 90s
SSSS: Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
causing physical, emotional, pyschological
spiritual effects cause subtle compliance
Mind Control, Entire Populations Manipulated
Tell Lies To Your Vision In High Definition
HAARP Transmitters
GWEN and Microwave
Cell Phone Towers
Cables,Satellites, Digital everything Converters
Got you Boxed Up
CIA masquerading, Codex Regulating.

If you can’t make it to NY then do not miss the Live Stream!


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