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Oso Random Show: Episodes 1&2

Totally random and exaagerated. Our youth do not ever cease to amaze me. These two young sisters from Atlantis Tsehai Messiah @ Sigele Messiah have something going here with the Oso Random Show. The content is innocent while addictive and is equipped with organic natural relative messages that we should be expecting from our daughters. Tsehai and Sigele are both directing and editing their show. Impressive! Kudos to their parents!!!!!!

With the influx and infiltration of garbage fictitious programming being marketed to our children I want to hail up our youth that continue to just be themselves. I have tons of these childen on my mind but these two are special so help me raise awareness about their show so that they will not go unnoticed and so that we can feed them with the nourishing support necessary for them to not ever feel the need to go to the other side.

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