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Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen Vol. 5 “BE THE CURE!” 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY CONCERT

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen Vol. 5 , “BE THE CURE!” is excited to celebrate our 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY Concert and kick off International Women’s Month on Sat., March 3, 2012 at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx. Our goal is to initiate dialogue and inspire actionin supporting healthier nutrition, more physical activity, and increased community involvement among women and their families through the vibrant culture of hip- hop. We will use hip-hop as a tool to address and bring awareness to both reproductive cancers (i.e. cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vaginal) and breast cancer which disproportionately affect communities of color.

WE GET IT!!!! We see the women in our communities dying of breast and cervical cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, AIDS and domestic violence in our hoods all of the time. We know and understand that poverty is a human condition marked by substandard housing, low educational attainment, and subsistence-level employment. We understand that the poverty which plagues our communities has enabled high rates of unemployment, exposure to environmental toxins, and poor access to health care. Yes, WE GET IT!!! So we, at Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen choose to BE THE CURE. We acknowledge that we cannot depend on our government to bring equality to these disparities. We can no longer wait for politicians and government officials to get it together. Time is running out for our families and communities who are in desperate need of proper healthcare. It is up to US to use preventative measures to lessen the mortality rates.

Fast Facts:
African American women have the highest breast cancer death rate among minority women—32.8 per 100,000 population. Latinas have the third highest death rate death rate of 15.0 per 100,000.
In 2011, more than 12,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. Most of these women are younger than 55. Women suffering most severely from this disparity include African American women in the South, Latina women along the Texas-Mexico border, white women in Appalachia, American Indians of the Northern Plains, Vietnamese American women, and Alaska Natives.
Sexually transmitted HPV infection is believed to be responsible for 90 to 95 percent of all cervical cancers.
Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, Vol. 5: Be the Cure! will assist in introducing healthier alternatives to our families and communities. We believe that hip-hop is a healing instrument that can be used for mental, emotional, and physical wellness. We encourage you to become a b-girl, deejay, emcee or graffiti artist who will disseminate positive information and create a more holistic culture.

Artists that will be rocking:

Guerrilla Queenz (Los Angeles)
Full Circle Soulsistas
Mahina Movement
Xclusive Step Team
Rhyme Like a Girl
Not Enough Mics
NeNe Ali
BigNay The Ice Queen
Adrienne Mack-Davis
Narubi Selah
MC Beats
Las BomPleneras (Chicago)
Pelham Academy Eagles
Aisling Peartree
Bianca Raquel
Miss Marianna
Ashley August
J.F. Seary
DJ Brina Payne
The Legendary DJ Chela

Come join us for our 5th year anniversary concert! Join educators, students, environmentalists, visual artists, health advocates, doctors, nurses, food co-ops, DJ’s, emcees, b-girls, poets, artists, dancers, healers, organizers and activists in the birthplace of hip hop.



By Lah Tere

As one of the founders of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen , I am moved to tears at the thought that one little dream would turn into something so big and powerful. I have watched our audience grow from 500 people to 1,500 in 5 years. I have watched over 200 women perform with all of their love and might to bring healing to the audience, to their community and to the globe. I have worked with over 300 exceptional organizations and vendors like La Pena del Bronx, RDAC-BX, Mothers on the Move, Casa Atabex Ache and Guerrilla Republik. I have met new lifelong friends in the volunteers, the photographers, videographers, backstage managers, tshirt designers, muralists…..this list goes on. I have seen people come out from all over the world for this event from Denver to Germany, Chicago to Venezuela, Minneapolis to Mexico.

As an artist myself, I enjoy seeing other artist be a vessel! I am inspired by the “Artist Meet N’ Greet” that we host a few weeks before the event, so that the artists can know each other for the big show. No room for competition when our goal is to heal. What happens backstage is magic because the day of the show the women come in knowing each other and it’s all PURE LOVE and POWER!!!!

I have watched people of all kinds be in awe of amazing young artist like NeNe Ali Spokenwordpoet. I have seen people jolt as if they have been invoked with the spirit from Queen GodIs Ink and Akua Naru Olatunji. I have witnessed the crowd scream with pride as they watch the Legendary Ana Rokafella Garcia and her beautiful crew rock that stage and end in the dopest B-Girl stance. I have seen Latina mothers high-five each other at the end of La Bruja’s super poem with her daughter at her side. What I have seen in this lifetime through MHHK is an incredible women in hip hop social justice and self-respect/love movement.

I have grown way more than I could have ever imagined.

I just wanted to say that I don’t regret DREAMING. God has always met me where I need it most. MHHK Vol. 5: “BE THE CURE!” concert is not only a celebration of 5 years of community awareness and impeccable talent, but of souls who are willing to be the cure in the midst of the fire and the ridiculous brutality that we endure.

I wholeheartedly respect and honor families that are willing to be healers and be healed through HIP HOP, through art. I am infused with an undying commitment and dedication every year that I see an old face who brought a new friend or family member. I know that Kathleen Adams and I ( Lah Tere) believe that this platform was sent to us as a mission from our Creator. We are humbled by the support and passion of our international community. We are pleased to serve you the best Soup for the Hip Hop Soul! ♥

Last year’s theme was : “Let’s Get Active!” and so we are doing it by “Being the Cure!” through the arts. Join us!

U.Y.I.P. and Watoto from the Nile “Ultimate Black History Presentation and Concert” – Feb 24, 2012

Hotep Family,

We are reaching out to different businesses, organizations and family members because like many recreation centers and youth organizations around the city our opportunity to keep our doors open to our youth is in jeopardy. We need the support of the community to obtain a permanent building. Our fundraising goal is to raise $50,000. The auditorium hold 500 people and we want every seat filled. If we can get a donation of $100.00 for each seat we will raise a total of $55,000. Tickets are $10.00 because we want everybody to be able to come out and attend especially young people because our children have prepared a powerful show that will move the soul of Black folk and all those who decide to come out and celebrate Black History Month with us. We would like to thank you in advance for all of your support.
Heru S Fatiu(program director of U.Y.I.P) &
Watoto From The Nile

U.Y.I.P & Watoto From The Nile
Ultimate Black History Presentation & Concert

Ancestral Re-enactments
Ancestral Elocution
Positive Hip-Hop
And More!!!

Please Come out with your entire family and support the various skits from U.Y.I P and the good music from Watoto From the nile. There will be an abundance of entertainment for eveyone to enjoy. This is a fundraiser for the youth. Our children are our future. PLEASE SUPPORT THE YOUTH!

TICKET SALES ARE ONLY $10 in advance
$15 at the door


FMI CONTACT BROTHA HERU @ 443-257-2491 OR BROTHA JABARI @ 4103034120




Download Watoto From The Nile’s 1st FREE Mixtape @



Health, Wealth, and Love Thyself

Health, Wealth, and Love Thyself.

Richard Donald vs. Jackson 5 “ABC” Remix

Richard Donald has to ask,” Have you noticed that music has gotten louder and colder over the years?like it used to be softer and warmer sounding? Disregard content for a sec….I’m spefically talking just about the aesthetic…the affectation of the abstract sounds of it.”
He will quickly point out that “like, Motown, you can hear each instrument in the room etc.Now its so compressed that it sounds like a huge ball of sound.”
He has come to the harsh reality that 1/3 of his fans are listening to the majority of their music on mobile devices while he is trying to mix audio to sounds that are organic. Frustrating as it may be, he knows that his sound production and engineering does not trans;ate well to an iphone speaker or earbuds.
Just when you think Richard Donald should give up, because no producer can ignore how people listen to music nowadays…here comes a  Jackson 5 Remix of “ABC”.  Richard laughs, “Haha people assume that I just remastered the origial song, but no, I recorded all the instruments in the background..Trying to closely imitate while still infusing ME!”
Album Cover design by Richard Donald. Photo credit unknown. Logo credit unknown.
Immediate download of ABC (Jackson 5 remix) in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

A message from John Graham

Peace and greetings,

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to assist us in this endeavor to help raise the standards of music. The support of God Hop has been phenomenal and we truly look forward to your feedback.

In an effort to direct people to one location to promote the album I’d ask that you use as the link of choice. People will be able to click on the album cover on the front page which will take them to iTunes where they can purchase the album.

We encourage people to support the album by downloading and sharing it personally with those who they believe would be interested in hearing it. If you’ve got it on your iPods, then share your headphones with someone you’ve never met before who you think may like hip hop. If you have people at your home, and you’re playing music, throw some of the songs in your playlists. Turn it up when in your cars. Let people see your wristband usb’s and start conversations about the music. We want people to connect over good music organically, just as we used to do before the digital age.

The standard email blasts and social media postings are encouraged and appreciated. Blogs, e-mags, radio, etc are also a huge help if you can get an audience. Essentially, we want you to reach out to whom ever you have personal connections with to gain consideration.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly. Again we appreciate your support and hope you thoroughly enjoy our offering.

Love & Light,


Check out the in-depth review of Success In Retrograde EP by a Ego Freedom Fighter E Ru Shruggington! It’s almost as if she were right there with me as I wrote the album… She’s an amazing writer!

Rhyming Session God Hop Style @ wrfg 89.3 Atlanta



Abundance Child LIVE presents Sa-Roc: Ether Warz

A Royal Star Allah and Stahhr Just Stahhr

A Royal Star Allah and Stahhr Just Stahhr
by The Abundance Network
Thu, Nov 10, 2011 10:00PM

The reality of child hunger in America is completely unacceptable. Royal StarAlalh knows this firsthand. Since January of 2010 he has endeavored to inspire greater public awareness of child hunger, using the internet and the most sophisticated social strategies our generation has created to do so. This includes standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign that simply reads “END CHILD HUNGER.
”Royal Star Allah invites you to join the End Child Hunger CampaignWhy? Because the idea that a significant number of our children that are hungry is completely unacceptable.

That Was You?”- 11 Years of staHHr Gems Mixed by DJDeliver. Join us as we listen and build on a musical time capsule/retrospective of Stahhr’s favorite features, collaborations and takeovers … you already know that 11 gateway is sirius.

Stahhr represents the Universal Law. She has done this in love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice on many a stage with the likes of Del, MF DOOM, krs one, JOHN robinson, Lewis Parker, Luciano Baraka, PATEN Locke, PUNCHLYNE, Homeboy Sandman, Boot Camp Clik, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, J-Live, Jasiri X, Brother J (X-CLAN), C-rayz, Cymarshall Law, One Be Lo, Company Flow, I Self Divine, Dilated Peoples, and Professor Griff.

Don’t believe it? SMH. Tune in.


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