raising the frequency

all right….i log onto fb and i see post like “adult-breast-sucking-at-public-places-is-new-craze-in-ghana-” with imagery being attached. and i see it being shared. 😦 why share that? we don’t have to be on that frequency. enough is enough. Share what will take us into the future like http://girlsociety.org/ or http://godhopconfederation.tumblr.com/ ,or http://www.pharaonicdesigns.com/ or http://www.holisticheights.com/, or http://stopplaying.org/ , or http://knowtheledgemedia.ning.com/, or  http://www.readyforanything.org/…you get the point. ima start erasing people who are adding me but not raising the frequency.

we are responsible for the now which is the future. if you don’t stand on your 360 then your legs should be broken b/c they are useless.

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Called and Chosen. The Emancipator.

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  1. I never knew about frequency or raising vibration Dimensions until FB….what a way to find out

  2. Thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts and being so direct, i was annoyed to see this nonsense coming through my feed by someone i thought i respected, i even took the liberty of deleting her as i think it is highly inappropriate to not consider that such could be offensive to some, me for one. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for dancing to the beat of a different drummer. We dont need to see such nonsense.

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