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Khalid Bey, Sadiki Bakari, and AA RAshid on AC Live

Ch. 47:17 The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America “That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 and the word negro, black and colored, was given to the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent.” Prophet Noble Drew Ali points out that upon being stripped of our nationality we were simply Asiatics of Moorish descent, and remained that way until he redeemed us by restoring our nationality (including our free national name). In fact the designation “Moorish American” is a new term, as stated by the Prophet in the Moorish Guide in 1929. ~Sharif Bey

We have been struggling to adapt with the application of our Nationality and our voluntary domicile citizenship and status as it relates to the U.S. All of this potential (knowledge) is useless without application…kinetic movement. We have not been able to market to the new mind who have been searching for new identity that should have been instilled at conception.

Khalid Bey is setting the stage for future generations because he has learned to do business. He has learned that positive endeavors will improve ourselves as a whole. He says that people are walking around with an assumed value…one that they do not even believe in and they want you to believe it to. This is not realistic and we are all guilty of it.

Khalid Bey believes it is our job to remove the veil. It is inevitable. There is no way to escape. We will dialogue about this tonight, Khalid’s run for office and what that means to him personally and what that means for Moorish Americans collectively.

Up next we have nothing but trouble, chaos, a primordial brain whipping for those who keep pressing the snooze button on their alarm clock. WAKE UP! Sadiki Bakari and AA Rashid build on Biological Warfare and the Epoch of the Love Transmigration.

District 12 Screening of “VERY YOUNG GIRLS”

Nene Ali is a firm believer that we should not charge for information which is why she made the screening of “Very Young Girls” FREE. Very Young Girls is a documentary informing people about the trafficking of young girls in the U.S. for the sole purpose of prostitution. Nene Ali says, “the information that will be given during this screening is much needed information that benefit communities shouldn’t come with a price tag so I hope you will join me as I RETHINK POVERTY!!!”

Dr. Phil Valentine: Webinar: LIVESTREAM: Sunday

Precious Jewels

There are a few living women that have had an significant impact on my perception of life. They are my grandmother, my mother, Queen Vallahara Renita El Bey and Dr. Jewel Pookrum. I have the honor and privilege of being able to share the influence of the latter tonight on Precious Jewels.

Dr. Jewel is a natural spokesperson for Humanity and has a precious jewel that is life altering. It is a Brain Balancing program that will guide you to assessing 100% of your brain by hemisynching its left and right sides. Naturally as humans we should be synchronized be we humans have choices and so we unlike the insect and the animal populations have not unlocked our DNA and we have not been able to tune in to the Higher Earth Frequencies that have been broadcasting since 1986 and that will open up our 12 strands of DNA.

We are incompatible and we need to Stop Playing and prepare. Dr. Jewel says we need an inoculation program. Many melanated people think because they worship, talk, eat, or dress a particular and call themselves god and goddesses that they will be spared. This is not the case because these same people have not inoculated their blood with Sacred Geometry which means they are not working with a full template, lol.

Dr. Jewel warns us (as did Dr. Delbert Blair) that if we do not start honoring the primordial construct to which we were created and to which we exist then we will be removed from the architectural landscape. It is like chemistry…anything that stays in our bloodstream over time become tissue. Our tissue, our flesh is a download in the form of geometry. There is going to be a lot of sickness and a lot of death because: 1. we do not realize that we really are living gods. 2. they do not know they are immortal and our bodies are to make known and unknown.Our divinity is way over our heads because we have been highly misinformed. We consistently download viruses on our master computer (brain). These viruses keep us using the primal reptilian portion of the brain and does not allow us to synchronize because we perceive reality through a primitive area of the brain which does not allow us to function as humans. We cannot think beyond food, shelter etc…The Media is one of tools being used to target the genocide of melanated people. Look at the Bin Laden circulations. Mass media heavily circulates death.

We have to be able to transform. We have to put new information into our motherboard. Our bodies will not be able to operate on the same grid. people will loose their bodies! You need a larger broadcasting network so that you can be in the right place at the right time. We need to stop buying into the synthetic communication and misinformation. We are supposed to be inoculating ourselves with a template of divine language that has a full geometric template. Nothing from Arabic to English can accomplish that totally.

Dr. Jewel Pookrum has the jewels. She will assist those who are willing and ready to go from the pre-divine state to another through their own will and display of their will. The will will have to materialize. This will separate the weak from the strong (those able to hold the frequency).


Rethink Poverty

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