Life Straws NOW! We NEED YOU!

By Aton Edwards I.P.N. Executive Director

I’d like to “cut straight to the chase” regarding all of the new developments since our Discovery Channel “Track Me If You Can” screening, and most importantly, the Haitian water filter drive meeting at the Yippie! Museum & Cafe in NYC.

Given the urgency of the situation on the ground in Haiti, we don’t have one moment to lose. Conditions are worsening by the hour so we need to operate as rapidly as possible to get things moving. The people of Haiti need as many water filters as we can collect — and they need them NOW! to help contain this horrific outbreak.

The details of our program are listed below:

1. Lifestraw NOW! Goal(s) — to create *special fund raising mechanisms to:

A. Purchase Lifestraw filters (personal & family).

B. Ship them to Haiti & pay customs “taxes” when necessary.

C. Distribute them in Port-au-Prince*

*This includes the cost of transportation, gasoline, diesel fuel and the individuals who will physically distribute the filters. Lifestraw NOW! operating costs will come from sponsors & other public donations.

Our small size will allow us to function with a very small overhead.

* Suggested special fund-raising mechanisms are as follows:

School & Church events/parties.

Community center gatherings/parties.

Organization (group) business special fund raising drives.

Union fund raisers.

Radio drives/fund raisers

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).

House parties.

Individual donations and, anything appropriate that can be imagined.

No amount gathered and collected is too small or large! We’d like to generate 1,000,000 or more filters and every dollar places us closer to this goal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid scams & theft, donations can only be collected by OFFICIAL LIFESTRAW NOW! OFFICERS.

All lifestraw NOW! Officers names will be posted on this website. If anyone claims to be a Lifestraw NOW! officer and, you do not see their name on this website, please contact me directly @ No misrepresentation will be tolerated. All offenders will be promptly reported to the law.

2. Joining Lifestraw NOW! is a simple process.

A. First determine how you would like to function within the group. Volunteers can help to organize & throw parties, special events, fundraisers and assist us with misc. services for Lifestraw NOW! but, cannot collect funds. Only Lifestraw NOW! registered officers can do this. Officers must be screened by the operating body of the group before being selected.

B. Email us at Place that your selection of VOLUNTEER or OFFICER in the regards box. Leave your name (group, organization, association, church etc) & contact info. (email, phone #) Let us know what, when & where you plan to stage an event. We will reach out STAT & assist you. If you choose OFFICER, we’ll call you directly to begin the screening process.

Lifestraw NOW! is also forming partnerships with groups, churches, companies individuals, etc that would like to work alongside the I.P.N. On Monday, November 15th, I will post a list featuring some.

Partners can also post their event info on this website.

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  1. Tahirah Taalib-Din

    This is a great post and you are so dedicated to the mission of Life Straws. Thank you for reminding us ,me that what took place in Haiti is still real and our brothers and sisters are still dealing with the impact. I still want to work with you and the sisters to raise funds and awareness for Life Straws.

    Peace Abundance,

    Your Sister TahirahT

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