Mama Knows Best

“Myko: We are so proud of your accomplishments. You wanted it and you went after it. Your love and trust for humanity makes you unique. Keep trusting, and you will reap all of  life’s riches. You are special to us. Now, we get to share you with the rest of the world….” Maxine L’Abbee circa 1993 C.E.

We continue to say that the Sisters need to step up to the terrain and master the landscape. We are constantly reminded that until the woman wakes up we as a people will remain asleep. I agree. When I had that Aha moment , the first “Sister” that I thought to call to the table is the one that I speak to at least once a day about anything and everything. She is my guide and my protector, she is my Creator, my God(dess), my mother , my sister, my mentor, my business partner and  my best friend.

When I awoke and remembered who I AM, my mother (Maxine L’Abbee)was the first person that I ran to share the Good News! She never complained, she nurtured me through my anger, she gave me the space to grow into this new consciousness, and she continues to support me unconditionally. When I dove head first directly into the “Movement” she immediately fastened tight her life jacket  and pulled out her raft to Moor her way through these unknown waters alongside me.  She was physically there when I joined the MST of A with sweet whispers to share this information this with my two younger brothers. She is here now and was one of the first people to submit her Volunteer Application AND Assessment Record to the Stop Playing Movement.

I am so honored to have grow up under Maxine L’Abbee’s wings. My mother has always encouraged me to embrace my failures as stepping stones to success while at the same time forbidding me to use those failures as Justification for not learning from those failures and moving forward.

I do hear a lot of fantastical propaganda but I only move on the word sound power that speaks to my soul. My survival in this plane depends on InI groundation. As a Pisces I am very concept oriented and I need my mother’s Scorpien sting of logic and reason to help me cut through the grandizing and pontification schemes. I am truly Always for the People and at this juncture in our evolvement my priorities are: Necessities like Food, Shelter, Clothing, and fostering an environment of organic equity, positive human and sustainable commercial relations as Moors.

Maxine L’Abbee has an innate and genuine mothering instinct that has been passed down to me and mine. I call her to the table on 3/12/2010 CE  and every other moment when it is deemed necessary. I give thanks for being able to share the Abundance Child Live platform with my mother  and I choose to show my world that  there is room enough for us all. I begin where I begin and that starts with her!With all of the support that I receive from my mother ( and the people in general)I do feel as though we are struggling with applications of basic principles.  I humbly seek the wisdom   of my mother to contour questions to reach comprehensive answers from His -Imperial-Majesty: Emporer An-Anu-El: Bey of the Amexem Moor Empire. I am interested in engaging in an earnest dialogue with His -Imperial-Majesty: Emporer An-Anu-El: Bey about what we can do individually and collectively to help ourselves as we do our part in Uplifting Fallen Humanity.


Always for the People

Ta Myko (TAMIKO) (多美子: Japanese name meaning: (1) Abundance Child (2) Child of the People (3)Most beautiful child (4)Child of many beauties (5) Let people see benefit)

About Abundance Child

Called and Chosen. The Emancipator.

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