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Subject: 1928 C.E. 1933 C.E. The U.S.: Bankruptcy And The Moors – Part – I

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1928 C

1928 C.E. “1933 C.E.The U.S.: Bankruptcy And The Moors

The purveyors of so-called white supremacy were just walking along minding their own business; suppressing, destroying, and/or misrepresenting the truth about history’ | Moors history in particular when out of no where came the savior for the fallen people that they had extinguished the light and life within. His appellation is Noble: Drew-Ali.

Having traveled the world, Noble: Drew-Ali obtained knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and over-standing into the many truths the oppressors were working so hard to hide. After detecting our true identity as Moors and our
true history as possessors of the oldest artifacts and burial sites in what has been misnomered as the so-called ‘Americas’ as opposed to the lies the so-called white supremist was spewing forth [All ‘blacks’ were brought to
the ‘Americas’ by us to be our slaves]; Noble: Drew-Ali implemented a series of actions to begin the process of resurrecting our people from the comatose and dead levels. These efforts culminated in the re-emergence of the Moors as a community in the sense of a body-politic that was gestating/rebuilding into a nation once again

In 1928 C.E., the Pan-American-Conference was held in Havana, Cuba. Secretary Of State Hughes went down to represent the United:States and Noble: Drew-Ali went down to represent the Moors. At that conference, the mandate for the land mass of Greater-Amexem [North, Central, and South-Central-Amexem] misnomered as the North, Central, and South ‘Americas’ was returned to the Moors. Noble: Drew-Ali knew what this meant and what the ramifications of this was and is. Several stop gap measures were taken by Noble: Drew-Ali to secure our [The Moors] birthright inheritance and beneficiary interest as Moors to the land mass within the aforementioned land mandate.The actions of Noble: Drew-Ali were detected by the so-called white-supremists and they immediately proceeded to act to do all they could to impede his work and take him out.

Fortunately natural law governs all events thus by the time the oppressor made his move on Noble: Drew-Ali, Noble: Drew-Ali had already put things in motion. This scared the international banksters because land and labor is
where all of your wealth comes from in the carnal world and Noble: Drew-Ali had just yanked all the land from so-called ‘Alaska’ to so-called ‘Argentina’ out from under them. Even though we, the Moors as a community were mentally comatose at that time the international banksters recognized that the potential for our instant return to our place of prominence on the global scene existed. Thus the international banksters recalled all of their loans in a panic which in turn put a squeeze on their stock market which caused its collapse 2 months after the assassination of Noble: Drew-Ali.

Nevertheless the so-called European on both sides of the Atlantic knew that their system was and is existing and functioning on borrowed time. They also realize that the length of that borrowed time is directly tied to the length of our [The Moors] ignorance/lack of knowledge of our self, our history, our culture, and what is rightly/justly ours. This
fact is what has compelled the so-called white supremist to do all that is possible to keep the undeclared/mentally-comatose-Moors from ever waking up and reclaiming all that rightly belongs to our people and at the same time;
keep the rank and file unsuspecting so-called ‘Europeans’ from finding out what is really going on.

Noble: Drew-Alis works as a result of what transpired at the Pan-American:
Conference touched off a flurry of activity on both sides of the Atlantic because the so-called ‘European’ from both sides of the Atlantic knew what was coming as a result. The actions of Noble: Drew-Ali caused the so-called ‘Europeans’
to assemble themselves to conspire and plot a way to deal with what they thought would be the re-emergence of the Moors to whom their respective countries are tributary to as they always have been [The U.S. And Barbary Powers by David Macritchie written in the 1800s C.E. documents this fact].

Noble: Drew-Ali knew that the time of our [The Moors] resurrection had not come and knew that his days were numbered. In fact, Noble: Drew-Ali stated ‘ It will take you Moors 50 years to figure out what I have done. What I have done is not for you Moors but for the 3rd and 4th generation from now. There will be new Moors that will come with their eyes open seeing and knowing and they will set you old Moors in the back and carry out my law”. The so-called ‘
European’ was horrified at the potential of our people rising 71 years ago yet Noble: Drew-Ali knew our minds were not ready then.

Nevertheless the so-called United:States, Great-Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal convened in Geneva, Switzerland for 5 continuous years [1928 C.E.-1932 C.E.] to set up what would be the policy of all of the
participating countries. These 5 years of meetings became known as the Geneva-Convention. In 1930 C.E., the so-called United:States, Great-Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal all declared bankruptcy. Any
attempt to obtain the minutes of the 1930 C.E. Geneva-Convention are futile because they publish the volumes of minutes for every year of the Geneva conventions including 1930 C.E. but refuse to make the 1930 C.E. minutes
available to the public because they contain the evidence of the bankruptcy.

Going into 1932 C.E., the aforementioned states stopped meeting in Geneva. In 1932 C.E. Franklin-Roosevelt became the U.S.: President and his job was to put into place and administer the bankruptcy that the United:States had declared 2 years earlier and hide the bankruptcy from the unsuspecting public by establishing a re-organization plan [ The New Deal/Administrative State that functions under the ‘color’ of the United States of America]. The United States of America and the United States for America along with the United-States: Constitution became defunct from that moment on and all that remained was the insolvent/bankrupt for profit corporation known as the United:States/UNITED STATES[Codified and documented in Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations section 1.911-2(h), In Re Merriam 36 NE 505. 141 N.Y. 479 upheld by the 16 S. Ct 1073. 163 U.S. 625 41 L.Ed 287 See also 16 Stat 419 and District-Of-Columbia-v-Cluss 103 U.S. 705.26-1 Ed.455] operating a democratic military venue under martial law [War Powers Act] and the Uniform-Commercial-Code [Hebrew Commercial Law].

The so called ‘States’ all revamped their local constitutions by 1938 C.E. to take into account their capitulation to the bankrupt mother corporation doing business as the United:States thus clearing the way for the Buck Act of 1940 allowing the corporate United:States to extend its jurisdiction and by default usurp all sovereignty over the now defunct State-Republics.

Getting back to Roosevelt, he was sworn into the United-States: Presidency in January 1933 C.E. and wasted no time getting started with the bankruptcy. Roosevelt immediately shut the banks down [Banking Holiday] and proceeded to pull all of the gold out of circulation while replacing it with a debt currency/tender/i.o.u. with the Moors’ seal [The pyramid with the all seeing eye] on the back of the U.S.: 1 dollar bill/federal reserve note.

The Clock of Destiny Book II by C.M.: Bey on page 6 states ‘ The Amazon red skin white moors’ progress was guided by the cycle of the planets Jupiter and Mars from 1789 C.E. to 1933 C.E., a period of 140 years. Mars passes through
the 12 signs of the zodiac 72 times and Jupiter passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac 12 signs in a 140 years. Thus from 1789 C.E. to 1933 C.E. spelled the rise and fall of Rome on a universal scale [Take note of the Fasci symbols on
both sides of the speakers podium in the U.S.: Congress]. Keeping in mind that the first 8 presidents were Moors and they were in power from 1776 C.E. to 1789 C.E. when the keys of power were transferred into the custodianship
of the Mystic Turks [So-called ‘European’ Masons] and Shriners that the Moors charged with the duty and responsibility of protecting our sacred shrine [New-Jerusalem/Washington, D.C.] and our sciences until we as a people arose from our state of spiritual, moral and ethical decay and awaken from our slumber to reclaim all that rightfully belongs to us from their custodianship.

The 9th U.S.: President, George-Washington was a Grand Master Mason under the tutorage of Emmanuel-Mu-Ali-Ben: Bey [Benjamin-Banneker]. George-Washington was the first and U.S.: President and Grand Master Mason Franklin Roosevelt was the last so-called ‘European’ President to rule in that 140 year cycle. Roosevelt knew that he was the last to rule in the 144 year progressive cycle of Roman universal influence when he established a new
order or new deal idea and broke the Roman order by ruling for 12 years which is the measurement of man. When Roosevelt was giving those famous fireside chats, he knew what was taking place [ The beginning of the gradual return of the keys of power to the rightful owners, the Moors]. Everything that was taken from us [Moors] is quietly being prepared for its eventual return to us [Moors]; the gold [The U.S. is tributary to the Moors and they have to repay
a 25 million dollars in gold loan that we made to the U.S.: Government in 1861 C.E. that the U.S.: Congress is responsible to repay which is why the seal of the Moors is on the back of the U.S. 1 dollar currency/tender/i.o.u.] and all of the land was taken and so called whites were reduced from landowner status to mere land user status. The land they murdered my ancestors for and stole so that they could fraudulently provide their silent cohorts/their people with fraudulent land grants, land patents, and allodial titles that those thieves and their descendants have no spirtual, moral, or ethical right to [ The same applies in Kenya, Zimbabwe, so-called South-africa, Australia, etc.] yet they claim they are a ‘ God fearing nation ‘ ’ | If this is so, the Doctrine of Discovery from the Vatican which is still in force would cease to exist effective immediately. If this is so then the so called whites will gladly return our lands, repay the loan we made to them, make recompense to us for the Tuskegee Experiment, Emmitt Till, Maurice Bishop, The Berlin Conference, and way too much to list here [But don’t worry’ | We will get to that too!!!] to be in harmony with the God the so called ‘ European’ claims to love, honor, respect, and obey.

The United:States is bankrupt and its sovereignty is gone. The courts in the U.S. and the States are not solvent thus the Courts and Prosecutors cannot have nor bring a claim against anyone because as a bankrupt entity it has no
authority to operate. Therefore the courts in the U.S. and the States cannot and will not resolve any issues. Technically, there are no more courts in the U.S. and the States. There are only private corporations doing business as
quasi courts with magistrates and administrative judges (An administrative judge is not the same as a judge).

The U.S.: Bankruptcy is expressed in Franklin-Roosevelts’ Executive Order Numbers: 6073,6111, and 6260 (See U.S. Senate Report 93-549 pp. 187, 594) under Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917 codified as United-States-Code:
Title: 12: Section: 95a:
House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933 C.E. confirmed in Perry-v-U.S. (1933), case site 294 U.S. 330-381 and United-States-Code: Title: 31: Sections: 5112 and 5119.

United-States: President: William-J-Clinton and his staff as well as his successors, and U.S.: Speaker: J-Dennis-Hastert are well aware of there-emergence of the Moors on the global scene in the form of the Amexem-Moor-Empire. All of the aforementioned parties know that the day they or their successors return the keys of power to the original and legitimate owner, the Moors is rapidly approaching.

The Amexem-Moor-Empire: National, Regional, and local government is on scene, fully operational, and ready to govern by and under the power, authority, and permission of the Superb and Supreme: Divine-Creator of all things.


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Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution stated that The United-States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion. . Take note that a Republic form of government (To this Republic for which it stands ) is what is guaranteed not a democracy.

The Bill Clinton impeachment trial against Bill Clinton had NOTHING to do with Bill Clinton or the White House Intern. The Bill Clinton impeachment was a public debate about whether the U.S. citizens wanted to remain as artificial entities/corporations under the ownership, control, and jurisdiction of the bankrupt/insolvent U.S.; thus continuing to exist as economic slaves/as the public [Public as opposed to Private]. The other alternative for the U.S. citizen would be to become U.S. Citizens again thus
existing as a sovereign /private citizen [Public/Civil Rights Only as opposed to Private/U.S. and State Constitutional Rights].

The Republican party served as the counsel that was arguing for a Republic law form and the Democratic party served as the counsel arguing the democracy law form before the U.S. citizens in an open debate. The question was | Do we try Clinton within the Republic [Private] form of government or under the rules within the Democracy [Public] form of government. To try Bill Clinton under the rules within Republic form of government as the Republican party had argued would have required the U.S. Congress to address and settle the U.S. bankruptcy [The Moorish Nationn as a creditor of the U.S. would love that to happen because the U.S. Congress would be forced to settle all claims against the U.S.] because the U.S. government would have to be solvent to be able to bring a claim against Bill Clinton (Or anyone else for that matter) upon which relief can be granted. The Republican Party argued for the Republic form of government because a solvent government regains its sovereignty when it is no longer beholden to its lender.

The Democratic party argued for(And won) the democracy form of government to be maintained thus the U.S. remains bankrupt/insolvent [ So is Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Denmark, et.al Geneva Convention participants].

The U.S. Congress was charged with the responsibility of managing the U.S. finances in Article 1 section 8 clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1 section 10 of the U.S. Constitution states that States may not coin their own money nor make anything but gold and silver Coin a tender in payment of

The U.S. Congress is supposed to be responsible for the financial affairs of the U.S. not the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve which functions as the de facto/un Constitutional central bank of the U.S. [52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase
Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs].

When the U.S. Bankruptcy of 1930 C.E. was declared in the U.S. Congress in 1933 C.E., gold was taken out of circulation and the un Constitutional thus fraudulent U.S. currency made its debut. All of the fraudulent U.S. currency in circulation was/is made at an average rate of 2 cents per bill [That’s about what they are worth] regardless of denomination. The U.S. Treasury sells these bills to the Federal Reserve at cost.

Whenever the U.S. government needs a loan, the U.S. Treasury borrows those same bills from the Federal
Reserve at face value plus interest and the suckers/public/U.S. citizens get taxed to pay the face value plus the interest to the owners of the Federal Reserve by the Privately owned and operated collection agency known as the Internal Racketeering Squad | Any U.S. citizen that has ever allegedly paid the I.R.S. should look at who endorsed the check used for payment (It was not the U.S. Treasury so U.S. citizens can forget about their taxes being used to for Running the country ). You cannot pay debt with debt. You can only pay a
debt with substance. The fraudulent U.S. currency is a tender (A fancy way of saying it’s an i.o.u.) that has no material value [Give me a pound | A pound of what? Give me a dollar | A dollar of what?]. On the back of the of the U.S. currency one dollar bill denomination you will find not 1 seal but 2. These two seals depict 2 different governments, 2 different jurisdictions. Unless you were a Mason, most U.S. Citizens and U.S. citizens had never seen the Great Seal [Pyramid with the all seeing eye] prior to the late 1920’s C.E..

What are they telling the U.S. citizen by having the Seal of the Moors on the back of their medium of exchange? What are they telling the declared Moors as well as the comatose/undeclared Moors? They are telling the U.S. citizens that the U.S. is beholden to their lender, the Moors [Owner of the Great
Seal] due to the outstanding loan that has to be repaid. They are telling the declared Moors that they recognize that the U.S. is obligated to re pay the Moors what is owed [$25 million in gold plus interest, penalties, and fines] however they are withholding payment because the government of ours that they
were familiar with has collapsed and they have worked hard to keep our people and theirs unaware of our inheritance, they claim that they don‘t know who to make payment to (They do now, the Moorish Nation has made sure of it). To the undeclared Moors, they are telling you that they are the fiduciaries
managing your wealth until you come take it meaning they are speculating with  your wealth like a bank will loan out your gold to earn interest until you withdraw all of your gold. An they know the length of time they have to do this is the length of your ignorance with regards to knowledge of self [Some of our people were brought here on slave ships but the reality is the bulk of us were already here.

Where did all of those Free coloreds in the North that were never slaves descend/come from?]. If they can’t attempt to move 150 million people from the West coast of *Alkebu-Lan in 100 years with all of
the ships in the world today [And they will tell you that much].


Whatever they taught you in their public/private fool (school) systems you believed. They told you that the so called Indian is the first inhabitant of this hemisphere coming across a land bridge into so called Alaska and worked their way South in search for food. If that were so, the oldest burial sites
would be found in Alaska and would get younger as you work your way South. However, the oldest bones are found farther South than so called Alaska and the bones are of undisputable Moorish phenotype.

They taught you in their public/private fool system that Christobal-Colon [Christopher Columbus] discovered the so called Americas . Obviously, this is not so. They told you he was on his way to so called Hindustan/India and got lost yet his diaries tell you (November 2 entry) that his interpreters spoke Arabic, Chaldean, and Hebrew [Africa And The Discovery Of America by Leo Weiner] and were able to converse in Arabic with the King of Cuba . These are the same people that Christobal referred to as Woolly haired Mohammadans [A fancy code word for Moor]. Take note that Christobal had no interpreter that spoke Hindu yet it is alleged that he was headed to a land where Hindu is a primary language. Translation: Christobal knew exactly where he was going and he knew exactly who he would find when he got there… Us!!!

There have been no chartered banks in the U.S. venue since the inception of the U.S. bankruptcy (You have to be solvent to be chartered to do business) in 1933 C.E. . With gold [Substance] pulled out of circulation, banks in the U.S. venue began loaning commercial instruments in place of money/substance which translates as they loan you nothing and charge you interest which is usury. This is the true inspiration behind all gun control laws. They know that when the unsuspecting so called white U.S. citizens finally figure out that they were sold out, the armed white folks will come after them with their guns blazing.

The Federal Reserve was/is used on the U.S. citizens [Technically, there is no such thing as a U.S. citizen because the U.S. is a for profit corporation chartered to business that has subdiaries (STATE OF NEW MEXICO as opposed to the New-Mexico-State: Republic) and franchises (U.S. citizens/resident
aliens/artificial entities/corporations/you that have no rights that a Court is bound to respect because as an inanimate object before a Court, you have no feelings, cannot own anything, cannot speak thus cannot state a claim upon which relief may be granted).] If that was the case, the for profit corporation “Mc Donalds” could make you a citizen/have its own citizenry.] while the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are used on our family in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Korea, etc. The I.M.F. and World Bank suckered these governments into accepting loans of nothing [Fraudulent/non existent
U.S. currency] and charged them interest. In turn, these governments (Liketheir U.S. citizen counterparts) voluntarily elected into the fraud unknowingly and pledged to repay the non loan [Hey! I’m good for it] as they pledged all of the labor of their respective citizenry and all that they own including their sovereignty thus their citizenry became a surety/collateral that backs the securities sold to the highest bidder every business day on what is called the bond market [Congratulations!!! You’ve just been pawned].

This is why the U.N. is demanding that its members make all of their citizens have a birth certificate. The registered birth certificate is tied to a surety/collateral/laborer/you [There is a bond attached to the birth
certificate that is sold on the bond market also] that will be taxed to pay the non loan and interest. Suckers | Hook! Line! And |Sinker! The Amexem-Moor-Empire and its Imperial-Government considers Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and Korea as part and parcel of the Amexem-Moor-Empire.

The Amexem-Moor-Empire is not amused by the antics of the Anglo-American/European purveyors of the madness described herein. The Anglo-American/European mind set that they are the moral and ethical standard bearers and that their military might makes right does not hold sway here. What the world has witnessed in Yugoslavia and Cote D’Ivoire speaks volumes. The will of the people in those respective places overpowered those that stood against the will of the people without the people having to fire a shot. The will of the people in those respective places overwhelmed their former leaders proving that public opinion/people power is more powerful than the nuclear arsenal of any so called super power. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The masters of the 7 seas/Moors are back and we will be successful in restoring knowledge of self to our people. We will free the minds of our people, free our land, and recoup all that rightfully belongs to us. The time is rapidly approaching when the Anglo-American/European will be brought to the table to negotiate
the repayment of all monies owed [Aforementioned Loan of $25 million in gold in 1861 C.E./Pan ““American-Conference of 1928 C.E./Geneva-Convention], the payment for exploitation of our people and the natural resources of our  lands, the payment for the clean up of our environment destroyed by the
Anglo-American/European, and the transfer of the keys of power. The
Amexem-Moor-Empire is a unified nation that will absorb and unify our family of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Korea, and elsewhere. The collective will of our people will prevail because we are standing on the principles of truth and right. Our people will refuse to continue to be defrauded through the
living of a lie. Let the Anglo/American/European take note: Your time is up!
You can hide no more! You can lie no more!

The U.S. Congress has the responsibility of addressing and settling all claims against the U.S. including the $25 million in gold plus 139 years to date of interest, penalties, and fines owed to the Moorish Nation through the Moorish American National Republic State-Government. The time has come for the U.S. Congress to begin good faith negotiations in this matter with the Amexem-Moor-Empire: Imperial-Government. The Moorish Nationn demands that the U.S. Congress/U.S. government [Executive, Legislative, and Judicial] immediately contact the Amexem-Moor-Empire: Department For The
Imperial-Affairs to obtain the necessary protocols and logistics that will facilitate a smooth negotiations process. * Alkebu-Lan is the oldest and only indigenous designation of the continent that is the cradle of the man [See page 47 and the glossary on page 74-75 of Black Man Of The Nile by University
of Cairo and Cornell University Professor Dr. Yusef AA ben Jochannan].

We are not so called african [From the Greek word “aprica” ]. We are not Ethiopian [From the Greek “Ithiops”] and the designation Muur also known as Moor predates the Greek “Mauri/Mauros” stemming from the root Mu as in Lemuria and Mu Atlantis.

We referred to ourselves as Moors then thus we are Moors now!!! We are NOT africans or ethiopians!!! We never gave the Greeks or any other so called “European” power, authority, nor permission to define us.

We refer to so called white people as so called “European” because they are not indigenous to those lands either. The root word EU means caves and hills. Rope to bind in. We confined them to the caves and hills for 2000 years for their previous mischief. This fact is vehemently attacked for obvious reasons
but never proven to be incorrect. Truth is truth and truth needs no crutch!

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