Stop Playing: The Preview

Sneak Preview…This is not a cut and Paste Rebuttal with no error for Discussion. Stop the Boot leggin, Stop the Facebook, Myspace, NING Sermons, Stop Your Android Redemption stick your hand in my pocket schemes, stop preaching from the Internet Pulpit and unplug from the matrix and build something…STOP PLAYING. It is time to Get Up Now!

The People are the Movement and the People want the Truth. We are each other’s reflection. We are the Truth. Lets get some Action. Stop Talking. Get Organized. Sign Up somewhere and Get Involved! Get in Where you Fit In. THE STOP PLAYING MOVEMENT has partnered with Nations, Body Politics, Organizations, Individuals who seek Real Remedy Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Commercially. We need More Partners. We need you. Stand Up or Naturally get Shut Down.

We are Inclusive in our Mission. Collectively we say ” Stop Playing, Unify or Die. Freedom or Death! Love is Love. You are part of the Solution or You are a Part of the Problem.

Stop talking about it be about it…Share the Wealth, Free the Land! Each One Teach One. We are taking the Cliches and putting them right back into Context. If your sh&*@t aint never stunk then this aint for you. We need all the people who have made mistakes on our team. If you have all the remedies then this is not for you. Do not read any further. Do not call Abundance Child Live and attempt to challenge anything. Build or Destroy!

We promote the Best of the Best. We support those who support Us. We are preparing today for tomorrow. We are the Change that we want to see. We do this because we have to. It was written.

It is only Natural that we commence our Season With our Beloved Brother Dr. Delbert Blair. He is true to the game and not New to the Game. We will be consulting with our Elder on Everything we need to STOP PLAYING with live on February 18th, 2010 CE 301, 614 A.M.E, 1493 M.C. It is up to us to formulate our Plan of Action and Move forward strong. The Plan of Action will not be Publicized you will have to be on the Inside. We have Gate Keepers (Partnerships) along these tracks that are safe housing our Goods. Only we know the Missing


There is no turning Back! Freedom or Death. We invoke the Spirit of Harriet Tubman, “I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.”STOP PLAYING! We need to be Ready for Anything!

You must listen to AC Live for the Clues.


    We are NOT PLAYING. The Stop Playing tour does not honor U.S. Federal Reserve Notes for admission to our events. Come with your own currency or Silver or Gold. The prices are doubled if you wish to do business with U.S. Property. We have to start somewhere and this is where we choose to commence our Public relations with you. People who donate to the M.I.N.D foundation currency exchange have unlimited access to partner resources. This is Your SHARE. This is a NOTE to you.

    Always for the People!

About Abundance Child

Called and Chosen. The Emancipator.

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  1. Thank you for your post! I have started my investigation into the bankruptcy of 28-33 and now see this “Moors” aspect. Any additional research you have done please feel free to post.

    The worry for those of us in the restore the organic Constitution (pre-civil war, striking “white”) would be spun into a racial “white’s returning to slavery” from the banko-terrorists-media and that is A LIE. The organic Constitution is, was, and forever will be the single most amazing secular document ever created and there is no reason to wonder why it is so important for the banko-terrorists to attack it at every turn.

    I wish you well in your movement and always walk with the confidence that MANY, MANY of us will support, defend and fight along side any race, creed or religious conviction that is fighting for the restoration of a lawful governance by the one true law of the land. In the “Treaty of Paris” King George gave “sovereignty” to “the People” of America. We created the Constitution to regulate the government, not the flip-side-down that it is today.

    Keep up your fight and I’l love to see you once we all reach the middle of the battlefield of lawful self responsible governance together!


    I do not see the refrence to it, but in the T

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