Thorough Thursday…Master The Remedy!

We Master  the Remedy with Word Sound Power of Choice. Established by a Natural Authority of Voice, able to enforce the will with the controlling regulations of lyric and verse.  We are masters of the Oral Tradition the mode and the agent to which our Higher Powers are enacted. We will be Compensated this is a Thorough Repatriation.

The Universoul Laws are written and Unwritten, published and Secret. From the Nature of the Highest Laws we have a degree of permanency and implied stability. We possess the power to change our frequency. The AC, the Alternate Currency.We know the Statutes, The Judgements, the laws, Our Flaws. Bar by Bar we will confine the Interminable, our  God Essence, Undisputable.

The Mic Morals: The will of the Mic as the Rule for the disposition and conduct of all responsible emcees like godHead the General inward and outward conformable to nature. Our actions as obligatory on the conscience or moral as the nature of the Thor TakeOver.

We have a Code like Mosiac written as a part of our Scripture tracks,  in distinction for the Gospel we call Rap. Hence the Old Testament, specifically the first,  five books of our bible the Pentatech manifest.

Witnessed by the Law of the Prophets we digress. An organic Rule in oral government, our ryhthm is our constitutional charter establishing and defining the conditions of existence,of our state of organized community, sovereign society. We spit edict, decree, order, ordinance, statute, resolution, judicial, decision, usage, samples, revolution, change, 360, recognized and enforced, by the controlling authority of the left brain.

We are the Philosophy and the Physics, rule of being, operation. So certain and Constant the Change  that it is conceived in this plane  Rearranged. subject only to the Dimension and laws of Gravitation,our melodic motion. The Potion is in our DNA. Our Hereditary Lineage, Our Descent, Transitions.Causes and Effects from everday Inspirations like the Haitian Revolution, Self Preservation and The Mission of Guerrilla Republic Movement.

The Rule according to which anything, the change, of value of a variable, or the value of our terms of a series of bars, maintains and proceeds; mode or order of sequence, the mean, the mathematics IZ THE TRUTH. Our Chemistry is as  fundamental the conception of Ruth, according to which similiar conditions, of temperature and the pressure underground artists contain, in the same volume the same,  number of  ultimate molecules to be distinguished from being commercialized in Vain.

Collectively we are the Body of rules relating to the Subject and emanating from one source, we write, we speak, we are adjudicating force.In Astronomy we are an approximate empirical expression of the distances of the planets from the Sun to Neptune. Physically we show and prove we are an expression of  FACT,  like an elastic fluid subjected to compression i.e political maps of  defacto jurisdictions kept at a constant temperature we are a product of the pressure or inversely proportioned to our oppressor.


Thorough Thursday. Master the REMEDY The People’s Tribunal this week is:

Rabb Love
Iz The Truth
Lucky Che of Royal Statiz
godHead The General
The Sargonites!
and YOU!

The Mic is Open @ 8pm (EST) Call in! 347.637.2270. STOP PLAYING!

We Do This the LAST THURSDAY of Every Month for those Who do This Every Day!

Truth.Honor.Originality.Realism. Only the Realist Feel This!

About Abundance Child

Called and Chosen. The Emancipator.

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