The Supreme Idea Renewed

The Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World’s Foundation began with Noble Drew Ali. By 1928 70% of the so called blacks were involved with the movement in one way shape or form. Today the movement is utterly fragmented and I would say stifled if not dead. Perhaps it is time for us to re- examine our roots in regards to this movement and foundation laid by the Prophet. Enough is enough! All this Mass media of these pseudo movements…Stop the Propoganda!This month on Abundance Child Live in honor of Noble Drew Ali I will be returning to the Ask Abundance Format where I put the show back in the people’s hands. You ask the questions and I find the answers. Enough “time” is being wasted on the ear and eye candy marketed to our emotions. We need moor sustenance. We need answers.

Damien Marley sums it up in his song “Confrontation”
Now wi fore parents sacrifice enough
Dem blood sweat and tears run like syrup
Any day a revolution might erupt, and the skys over ‘Amexum’ lighting up
For the new generation rising up, of youths now a days weh dem sighting up
And through reasoning dem biding up,
Searching for the sign and the sign is us,
Searching for the truth all you find is us,
Searching for the troops still behind is us,
The almighty we recruit and we come from the root
We build like roach building boot
Weh just can’t done…
‘Moorish Americans’ we design tuff.
If a the fight for freedom sign me up
Cause you Tell-Lie-Vision can’t blind me up
Soldiers and police dem wising up, realizing they’re no more right than us
Realizing there’s no use fighting us
Realizing their opening their eyes to see the same demoralizing life as us
So we nah tek talk nor smiling up
Cause the word temper tantrum boiling up,and who…
Calling the shots and nah bust none
Controlling the mind of the young, bring down..

Bring Down all of the hate amongst each other. We are drawing to much attention to our divisiveness and neither side has anything to show for all of their so called answers. Aboriginal People everywhere are waking up and NEED VIABLE SOLUTIONS!

The so called economy is failing, their system is crumbling right before us and so are we because we have not followed through. Who feels it knows it. We cannot run away from ourselves. Some of us are fighting for power within this Movement with NO true overstanding of what the Moorish Divine and National Movement means.

We are all subjects. Individually our paperwork carries no weight. A comrade of mine, Lucky Che of Royal Statiz, said “STOP PLAYING” and put it like this, “Whether you say its Services, Packages or what ever FLY form of putting it together to allure Aboriginals in, your still selling NATIONALITY period.? Did the profit sell Nationality? or did he from the temple teach true birthright via the temple? Everyone of these individual entity’s have these from of movements within the Moorish Divine National movement of the world that are not in harmony with the profits teachings. These niggas, that’s right…. “niggas”, don’t have any land, no economy set up for the People but preach to the People about what the People should be doing and chastise the people for what their not doing. How can you remove someone from a Defacto Government when you don’t have one set up that currently exists and is functional and flowing. Leaders lead by example, followers follow by example “like hollow tips these words blast you” a lot believe that if some type of martial law was to break out they would be exempt from it because they have the almighty docs, but have once again no land, no Government set in place, no Nation State, that’s recognized internationally nor Globally you would then presume the role of the fool. Many say we got the answers from days and nights of long study, so you should ask them then what Utility Company does your Moor body politic have? What Telephone company’s do you have, Grocery stores etc….NO! they don’t because if they did then they wouldn’t need you. So it seems its all business and how does a business continue to run? off your fake fiat and lack of studying the truth and not what the Nationality bandits bring to you.”

This brother is chanting the anthem of the people. Soon we will find out who are the real revolutionaries. “The HOLY PROPHET spoke very plainly, and yet people purposely misunderstood what he was saying, so that they would have every excuse to do what it is they really wanted to do, and not FOLLOW (FALL IN LINE) the DIVINE LAWS (LTPFJ). Our CIVICS begins with our MOORISH FIQH (JUSIPRUDENCE, DIVINE JUSTICE).” CHANGE OF DIALOGUE ~PRINCE KA SAADI EL

So with no further adew I commence this season with an oldie but goodie, steadfast in his dedication to the Moorish and Divine National Movement, Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El. With well over 30 years as a faithful Member within the Moorish Science Temple of America in holding to the original degrees of the “Divine Plan of the Age” as originally brought and taught by the Holy and Divine Prophet Drew Ali. Chief Minister’s literary works and his reformation has given much information, reviled greater knowledge and a truthful understanding of the philosophies and opinions of the Holy Prophet Drew Ali. Chief Minister helped established several MSTA Temples from the ground up;presently he is an Executive Ruler on the Supreme Grand Body and National Spokesman for the MSTA. He is a well received noted scholar and historian on the origin and original precepts of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Prophet Noble Drew Ali (its founder) and hence the foundation of Islamic Nationalism for African Americans. His tutelage and position in the movement follows a direct line of transmission traceable directly to Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

If you have a question that you would like to be featured on Abundance Child Live this month please submit your question(s) to If you would like to be a presenter on the show please email or call 347.546.5978.

Love is Love Yall. United We Win.

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