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The Goddess Principle

Interview AshaiAuset Mysteries avoids the use of toxic ingredients by using the infinite sources of natural ones.

The skin is our largest organ. It is a living, breathing tissue that absorbs everything!

Synthetic chemical makeover products found conveniently on your local “drug” and grocery store destroy our skin’s natural cycle. Our skin(more precisely sebum) is our first layer of protection against everything. When we use synthetic products we slowly strip away the sebum.
Around 1942 production of soap by the large manufacturing companies changed in a big way. Soap makers found that the same fats that turn into soap and make naturally occurring glycerin can yield more money if those fats are turned into nitro glycerin (gun powder). Yes, Palm Olive Brand detergent (as in Palm and Olive oils) made more money turning fats into gunpowder for the war effort. So, if they no longer make fats into soap today, what is that stuff on the shelves at your supermarket? Good question! The replacement for soap is detergent. Detergents are more profitable for big manufacturers because the cost of the raw material is so much lower. Replacing Coconut, Palm, Soybean & Olive Oil with much less expensive petroleum chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate a foaming agent created huge profits and streamlined the production. All of these new chemicals lowered the cost to manufacture and the final bars of detergent cost less for the consumer than soap.
We cannot continue to purchase commercial products and stay honest. The truth will surely set us free. When we disobey the laws of nature we will be reprimanded. Nature will turn it’s head and we will be left damaged.

With Auset Mysteries Products you will become one with nature with every product used.Every product used will be for our natural benefit and not the benefit of a corporation that keeps us addicted to their way of life that has always been to oppress ours.



This Week on Ask Abundance Live….

Abundance Child Interviews Aisha Sekhmet Aisha Sekhmet about her controversial NEW SINGLE “White Man’s Bitch”.

“That Sister (Aisha Sekhmet) literally upended the whole rap industry with one single (MMMAAANNN she went so hard that she blew the top off of youtube,facebook,worldhiphopstars, etc) because anybody who has viewed her joint whether or not they agree on her method of delivery has to admit that she was really a vessel being utilized by the ancestors to shock the ethers of some of our sleeping brethren and has sparked mixed reveiws and much debate (although those of us in the know no that there is truly no debating what the Sister has dropped).” ~ Sheik Love El

AND… The Lawsuit and the Legacy of the Third Eye
Sophia Stewart consults with the Aboriginal Law Firm and updates the People on her case
filed against Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, Warner Bros., and Joel Silver, (responsible for The Matrix and its sequels/spin offs) and Gale Ann Hurd, James Cameron, Hemdale Films and 20th Century Fox (responsible for Terminator and its sequels) in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on April 24, 2003. In the complaint, damages are sought for relief from the results of copyright infringement, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations, and supplemental state claims.

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