We Remember Jay

Our family has suffered the lost of a dearly loved one.  Based on our research and documented evidence we strongly believe had the proper channels been adhered to this would not be the case.  We are looking for anyone who has suffered a lost such as ours or individuals whom would like to help bring attention to the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution (GANDER Hill) in Wilmington Delaware and all parties involved in any misconduct. My fiance’s cousin, James Jackson (Bear) was temporarily housed in Howard R. Young Correctional Institution.

Also known as Jay, father of three  a strong healthy young man who reported feeling ill around the beginning of June and was visited by his family on the 19th of June when he informed family members that he continued feeling less than normal and his urine was alarmingly discolored.  The morning of 22nd his was told he looked so yellow that he could have been in a horror movie. The warden and number of other calls were made in an attempt to get updates as to his treatment, and condition.  Family members were advised he was receiving the “best care”.  A nurse inside the facility was contacted by James’s aunt to checkon him and  immediately  suggested testing be done and suggested that he be sent outside of the facility for proper care based on the severity of the symptoms. The family immediately began contacting the facility to request he be treated with the same respect and care they would expect for themselves.  Witnesses attest he was not given the proper care and instead he was place d in the infirmary and left with no active care, only given combination’s of medication that appeared to making the condition worse.

James was rushed to St. Francis hospital on June 30th. At this point it was too late, they wouldn’t even allow him past the entrance, stating they could not offer the proper care at this stage of his condition. He ultimately to be flown to the John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, later to be placed on a dialysis and suffer from brain swelling. He didn’t even have time to be place on a donors list and his liver was damaged so badly he could not receive assistance from any living family member. The story continues to unfold as we have now been told as of this morning before he died, by a inside source that employees were informed to not even mention his case or name on company time. As fate would have it this healthy young man had jaundice, which may have been a result of acute hepatitis.  Had James been treated when officials were notified of the severity of his symptoms he may still be with us today. We intend to protest (date to be determined) this facility with any help anyone is willing to offer.  If you know any people who have family members who were victims of a possible wrongful death from any correction facility we would like to join with them in remembrance of their loved ones as well.

We own a family sign and custom print shop and would like to put an image of loved ones on a sign to join the many faces and let the community know this is not acceptable.  If you know anyone who would like to make time or financial donation to support the cause. If you have any suggestion as to whom we could contact for help that would be helpful as well…thank you in advance.



112 S LINCOLN ST.  WILMINGTON DE  302 658 1755.


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