Moor Obliged

Dear Abundance,

It is 2009 and I would like some answers. No MOOR Games! I would like some viable answers to everyday solutions and I do not want to be told to go out and buy a BLUEPRINT,  MANUAL, CONSULTATION ETC…

Recognizing that I am not Black, not African-American, that I should not be a U.S. Citizen where do I go from HERE? I have a Birth Certificate, Social, Driver’s License, State ID, J-O-B, Children with the same first  two instruments above, they are in U.S. Training Institutions, I own my own business, I have a car, house, bank accounts etc…I am financially astute and able with excellent credit. I would like to be educated on the subject of Discharging Debt  however I am not in NEED of such services at this time.

I have no legal or lawful issues that I am aware of. I am not interested in proclaiming my birthright or correcting my status due to any pressing or urgent situation other than the fact that my people are at WAR!

I am ready to honor my Ancestors, Nature, and I am ready as you say,” to leave the plantation” and I am ready to defend our Honor as a Moorish American.

So, Ms. Abundance…what am I to do? Where am I to go? At least when you are foreign to the United States and you want to become a citizen there is a Naturalization Process. Is there a standard Nationalization Process for Moorish Americans?

Do we have a recognized Body Politic that represents the interests of Moorish Americans? Who is the Authorized, Duly Elected Representative of our Executive Branch? Who is our Barack Obama? Who makes the laws and who passes them? Where are our Courts? Who What is our Flag etc…

Not to say that we need to be exactly like the U.S. but don’t we need to be up to date and up to standard with other recognized nations? I know this is a lot of questions but you said “Ask Abundance”… I am so tired of these conference calls. Should I be tired? Either way sister I look forward to  your response because I know you have the Resume, Network, Passion,  and Ability to  respond and Moor Importantly I know you are “Always for the People”.

Thank You,

Moor Obliged



Greetings Moor Obliged,

Recognizing that you are none of the U.S. Federal Jurisdiction classifications above is like an alcoholic saying, “Hello, my name is so and so and I am an Alcoholic.” You are NOT in denial. Give Thanks. I overstand your frustration in not wanting to purchase your freedom per se…you will however find yourself investing as much if not more into your American Citizenship as you have invested in your U.S. Citizenship. You have clearly been trained on your way to being educated and are a model citizen either way. The choice is yours.

I say this because all of the instruments you have accumulated have essentially enslaved you and your children and turned your inalienable birthright into crimes. By using those instruments we actively participate in their rituals and perpetuate idol god worship of their statues…statutes, codes etc… This is why WE ARE AT WAR…spiritually, mentally, and physically.

What are you to do? Where are you to go? Proclaim your Nationality. Again, the Choice is yours. It is a State of Mind. Once your mind you will be able to exercise your birth right. You will be able to break the spell caste on you and yours and like Dorothy in the Wiz and follow the Yellow Brick Road (you will find you never left home) and then like Neo in the Matrix you will find ZION is here and everything else is colorable and fake like the Matrix.

“Is there a standard Nationalization Process for Moorish Americans?” I look to Black’s Law Dictionary to support my answer of NO.

Nationalization, n. 1. The act of bringing an industry under governmental control or ownership 2.The act of giving a person the status of a citizen.

Unless you are going to subscribe to MEMBERSHIP in an organization that purports to be the GOVERNMENT for MOORISH AMERICANS as a whole you will not find a Standard Nationalization Process. You will only find that organization’s Standard Nationalization Process.

I am not particularly happy with the above answer at this date in space and “time” but it is what it is. We do have a Moorish Divine and National Movement (of the World) that works towards our ancestors and Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s great work and the Liberation of our People.

There are several RECOGNIZED body politics that represent the interests of our people. Recognized by who is the question. Recognized by US first which is primary and many are recognized by the United Nations and the United States which is secondary and not necessarily necessary.

The United Nations has already has told us that they support OUR POSITION as Moorish Americans. Regardless of any declarations made by the United Nations we still have rights. In this movement we are looking for people who are willing to act out our position and live the way of life that their status provides. We do not need to run to the United States or the United Nations and ask them anything. We do not need to apply for their birth certificates, socials, driver’s licenses, marriage licenses in order to operate in commerce etc…We do not need them to hold our hands. We need to command them to do what we need them to do. We are the highest authority in this land and need authorization from no one or entity. We need to operate like so.

We do need to be up to date and up to OUR STANDARDS. Until we do so we will not be able to unify as Moorish Americans to do something as basic as elect and executive official. We will not be able to pull our legislative and judicial sectors together. Everything we need we have or we need to take back. Lease is up. Our courts for example are Consul Courts and they are supported by the U.S. Constitution. The only reasons OUR courts were disbanded in 1956/57 was because we abandoned them. We need a building and we need to stay out of the U.S. Courts and start having our own. We are the people a DIVINE people. We know about Law.

The bottom line RIGHT NOW is we have our Nationality, We  have our Birth Right…we have a flag. It is red with a green 5 pointed star in the middle. LET NO ONE OR NOTHING TAKE THAT FROM YOU.

We did not lose our status overnight and we surely will not get it overnight. Please exercise patience and please do continue to educate yourself in all ways possible…including Conference Calls.

Peace and Abundance

About Abundance Child

Called and Chosen. The Emancipator.

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  1. abundancechild

    These are some very important questions thank you so much dear Moor for having the courage to ask such thought provoking questions.

    Question: Is there a standard Nationalization Process for Moorish Americans?

    Answer: Their is no standardized Nationalization process.

    According to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous people Article 32 Indigenous people have the collective right to determine their Own citizenship in accordance with their customs and traditions. Indigenous citizenship does not impair the right of Indigenous individuals to obtain citizenship of the states in which they live. Indigenous people have the right to determine the structure and to select the membership of their institutions in accordance with their own procedures.

    Question: Do we have a recognized Body Politic that represents the interests of Moorish Americans?

    Answer: In Fact All Moorish Groups, organizations, and or Tribes fall under the Moorish National Divine Movement of the World. That includes the Empire Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah, the United Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah Naga Mu’ur Nation, the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the Great Seal National Association of Moorish Affairs, the Moors of the Round Table, the Yamassee Native American Mu’urs, the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, the Zulu Kemetic Mu’urs, ISIS International Society of Indigenous Sovereigns and any and all other Moorish groups…etc fall under that classification of the Moorish Divine Movement of the World.

    Question: Do we have a recognized Body Politic that represents the interests of Moorish Americans?

    Answer: Yes all of the above because all of us are in treaty with one another at the United Nations and we are called UMAAR Unified Muurish Aboriginal Amarukan Republic with the United Nations NGO Non Governmental Organizational Number 37081.Therefore all those in treaty is the one body politic called UMAAR.

    Question: Who is the Authorized, Duly Elected Representative of our Executive Branch?

    Answer: Various Empresses, Emperors, Princes, Princesses, Chiefs, Grand Sheiks, and Grand Sheikess of all of those that are in treaty with one another and part of that one body politic called UMAAR.

    Question: Who is our Barack Obama?

    Thank you Taj and Ras Answers: Being that we gave them their government he is ours. According to the Moors Order of the Roundtable Question and Answer #34 Keeping in mind the Irinakoiw (Iroquois) comprises a confederation body politic of Moorish tribes of the Northwest Territories comprised of the Noble titles (Ali, Bey Dey, Al, El) of the Noble Moors the Irinakoiw (Iroquois) is not a single aboriginal tribe and means the (Real Adders) which means the True Serpents concerning the derivatives, contemporary union, the articles of Association; the Articles of Confederation; the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution for the United States Republic of North America (1789) has its origin from the Ancient Moorish Constitution Principles, and derive from the Law of the Great Peace. This social/ politic History and Law Connection is also why the Ancient Great Seal pyramid is displayed on the Back of the Dollar bill. The Great Seal Pyramid is the Insignia of the Moorish Nation- the Moroccan Empire. Therefore the Republic side of Government is the Constitutional side and Barack Obama being a Constitutional Lawyer means that we must step up and enforce the Constitution which is based on Moorish Law, and make all those who have taking their Oaths to the Constitution uphold these principles of the Supreme laws of the land its laws and the treaties.

    Question:Who makes the laws and who passes them?

    Answers: Corporations (Artificial Persons) make the laws that lobby favors to colorable law politicians. These colorable law politicians pass these laws for these corporations.

    Question: Where are our Courts?

    Answers: Our court was abolished in 1956. Look in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition under the definition of Admiralty and Consular Courts. However we have the Muurish Gansul which is under UMAAR the website is we have ALF which is the Aboriginal Law Firm we also have the Moorish Holy Temple of Science Tribunals.

    Question: What is our Flag.

    Answer: In order to find this answer for the various Mu’urish (Moorish) tribes and Nations go to to see all of the various Nations flags. However we do have one flag as UMAAR which is the collective tribal and Nations in treaty.

    Question: I am so tired of these conference calls. Should I be tired?

    Answer: No because until this information can be recited back verbatim and until we have millions of Natural Indigenous Sovereigns that can come with love confidence and Honor we still need the conference calls. They help us to come together from far and wide.

    Answers by Princess, Grand Sheikess Khadirah Ma’at Tupak EL Bey of United Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah and The Moorish Holy Temple of Science of the World, Temple #2

  2. abundancechild


    Due to my earlier appearance on Empress Abundance Bey’s Blogtalk Radio Broadcast I am resubmitting the warnings about the criminal acts of “nationalizations” and illegal “naturalizations” of the Lamb. Some shameless Moors are trying every weak mind to tear down the principles and fleece the sheep by charging money for documenting their natural born Idenity in various forms of membership. These warnings were issued to many of my beloved Moorish Leaders of various Masonic Science Temples, Unrecognized Republics and newly madeup Tribes of Mongrel Aboriginal Amurikans. Non-Governmental Organizations, playing “Rip-Off-A-Moor ID Games” with the Moorish Peoples but know they are committing crimes against humanity. Some are planning to “Own their Brothers as Commerce” before they regain consciousness of their “One free National Name. These evil deeds, being practiced in corporate USA, has caused a great negative stench to fill the nostrals of USA Homeland Security and her AntiTerrorist Agencies. My people also know they are being monitored, investigated and trapped but greed will not allow them to stop interfering with Drew Ali’s Divine and National Movement. All Moorish needs to STOP hating NOW and prefer each other long enough to see The Great God’s Care will be continued to us all ONLY in our love to each other.
    Love Divine,
    Dr. Elihu Pleasant-Bey, GNC

  3. abundancechild

    Response To “Ask Abundance” Radio Show

    The Radio Show last Thursday, July 7, 2009, was very interesting. It brought out some much needed clarifications of information regarding Moors. There were a few things I would like to comment on from that conversation.

    Who Is In Control?:
    One of the brothers made a point that it was not important to be concerned about Drivers License, Birth Certificates, Social Security, etc. These are all instruments that bureaucratically enslave us, and abridge our substantive birthrights. As well, they are designed to turn our substantive birthrights into crimes! It is clear, as Noble Drew Ali pointed out in Chapter 47, that this land is ours— the aboriginal Moors, the land of the Nationals—Moorish American Nationals by primogenitor. Only the Nationals can reclaim it, as it is part of their vast estate. That is why Drew said “If you don’t do anything else, proclaim your Nationality”. You cannot nationalize your land and resources, if you are not a National. This is a great part and point of hearing the truth about our Nationality and Birthrights, and of learning about our illustrious history. The Brother felt that we ought not look at these instruments of enslavement that place us into a foreign jurisdiction in our own land, nor ought we invest time in being concerned about them. That is a contradiction to the purpose of the Mission to restore our lost estate.

    The fact that someone else is in control is the very reason why we ought to be addressing these matters. The remedy is simple, enforce the supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution, just as Noble Drew Ali instructed us to do. The Brother also asked what was wrong with a corporation?, after he was told that the United States of America was a corporation, and we therefore, could never hold citizenship under a corporation because our status is superior to the corporate (subject) status. We also cleared up the distinction between the United States, and the United Sates of America (read the preamble to the Constitution, it clarifies that there is a difference), as well, there is the U.S. (Union States) citizen. Nothing is necessarily, wrong with a corporation, however a Corporation falls under the Citizenship class of a Subject, (just as corporate persons do; (negroes, coloreds, blacks, etc.) Therefore a corporation is inferior to your citizenship as a National, and thus has no authority over you as a National, has no authority to dictate policies and statutes to you in an attempt to pass them as Law, and has no authority to direct you — the National. Our problem is that we don’t know what Law Is, and what Law is Not! Therefore we cannot uphold the Law. But the Prophet said to go to those who know Law. Not to those who feign to know Law.

    The Brother also asked where are our hospitals?  A great topic in that we as natural people, ought to be using natural medicines, and having children as a natural action, and not a laborious one — called labor, just as in ancient times, complete with mid-wives.  However, the buildings which would be, or could be, utilized as health institutions, are the buildings that already exist, if we will to, as everything on this land belongs to us, if we would simply Nationalize our land, just as Castro did, and Chavez did. This all belongs to the aboriginals, who have had their resources threatened, and need to reclaim it back. That is what Nationalization is. This is why those who are in control are accepting stimulus packages, selling the roads, bridges, and anything else they can, (unlawfully) because we are not being ourselves, and claiming our lost estate. Just because someone borrows your coat, doesn’t mean it no longer belongs to you.
    (Note: we are aboriginal, not original. To be the original man is incorrect, in that “man is mind, and there never was a time when man was not”, thus we are “ab” — the first, then we come into the physical manifestaion.  Contrary to what many are proposing that we are not aboriginal. We are spirit man, manifested into the physical—aboriginal man)

    Regarding The Treaty: It was good to get to the bottom of the rumors that the Treaty has nothing to do with us (Moors). Some say the Sultan, who authorized the Treaty was not such a “great” guy, in that he seemed to leave his people in slavery, or turned his back on his people. The point of bringing out the Treaty is actually two-fold. 1. The Treaty itself proves our position of authority, regardless to whether he was “good” or positive” in his character, or his deed. Many were in disagreement to assisting the European Colonist, the Christians”, just as many were in disagreement in bringing them out of the dark ages, teaching them civics, and how to grow their own food, etc., in the first place. Just as they were in disagreement with bringing them into the constitutional fold of government, (of which Chief Justice Benjamin Bannekar taught them Law, and designed the house in which they would utilize as their consulate-—the White House). However, we did make the agreements, (good or bad), and we are responsible. We are our brothers keeper, even if we don’t agree with what he did. Thus we must take the responsibility. More importantly we must recognize the obligations that the European Colonist have to us. Many want to remain in the state of mind of the “land of milk and honey”, the Temple of the Sun and Moon, (which these parts were referred to), it was the paradise of which we lived in harmony with love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, and that is what the mission is supposed to return us to. If it weren’t for our fall — the fall of humanity, we might not have a need for this great mission, to learn of our higher and lower self, and return to the families of nations and to the mindsets of our foremothers and forefathers. 2. The Treaty outlines the obligations of the European Colonist to the Moors, of which we ought to be enforcing, as those obligations are binding, just as the Constitution is, but not if we are not enforcing it, as Drew instructed us to do.

    The Original Temple: A true sign of one, or a group of ones, who wants to control this mission. The Prophet is a universal Prophet, as he stated himself, thus he belongs to no one, and to everyone. He came to the Moors because the Moors needed him the most (and still do). I would say the original Temple is the Old Canaanite Temple, if looking at the works of the Prophet. While many claim they are the original Temple, there exist, today, more than one Temple No. 1 in Chicago. I suppose this happened after the passing of the Prophet, and a Temple split, and the member or members decided they would be the Number 1 Temple, as evident in the fact that many exist today. So the claim as the original needs to be examined thoroughly because some may say they are the original M.S.TA. Temple, being the name ADOPTED as the “Corporate Name”, however upon that establishment, it did not negate the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, or the works of the Prophet, which had been for some 15 years performed prior to that adoption, as a civic organization with a rotarian complexion. Drew passed form one year after that adoption. Many may be confused about the issue of “adoption” vs. “change”. However this is important The Brother said that the Prophet used adoption, which is what is on record, because he had to use that term, as if he (the Prophet) couldn’t have used changed. If the Prophet wanted to utilize a name change, he could have simply done that. This is a clear unsubstantiated, nonsensical answer and contradiction not only to the records, but to logic. .I would say that Brother needs to substantiate his claim.

    The reason this is even being brought out, is because the Prophet ADOPTED the name M.S.T.A. as a corporate name with a religious affidavit. Just that simple. This was adopted by the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, which is a Civic Organization with a Rotarian Complexion, as he described in the “Message To America”, and as he demonstrated in his 15 years of work prior to the adoption of the M.S.T.A.. After the M.S.T. of A. was established, many paperwork has changed. The adoption of the new name is clear as an adoption, not a name change. Some say that the name was changed, and have equally and apparently, chosen to almost forget about his prior work as a civic organization, thus presenting the order as religious one only. This is a cool set-up towards erasing the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, and not even being able to see the connection. (This is due to COINTEL PRO’s plans, and some “dirty Moors”). Someone has actually doctored the information, but without complete forethought. If it be so that the name was changed, then it ought to state so on the back of the 101’s (which is a copy of the legal papers), that the Moorish Holy Temple of Science changed it’s name to the Moorish Science Temple of America. Instead it has been altered by some, who ask you to believe that the Moorish Science Temple of America changed its name to the Moorish Science Temple of America. You cannot change something to that of which it already is. If it was an adoption (and it was), it would say (and it does) that the Moorish Holy Temple of Science adopted the Moorish Science Temple of America as its corporate name, under a religious affidavit filed in Cook County Illinois (review the records, see for yourself). The fact that many present (by way of altering) that it says The Moorish Science Temple of America adopted (or changed in some writings) its name to the Moorish Science Temple of America, absolutely makes no sense, and proves TAMPERING. You cannot adopt something that you already have!

    It is clear concerning this matter, that one must recognize the contradiction themselves, and maybe they will be inclined to investigate a little deeper before they propagate something that makes no sense. This is a clear contradiction, it is not an opinion. It is proof of tampering and of someone, trying to hide something, or maybe they think the people are just idiots, who cannot read or comprehend. Upon review, you will find other paperwork that was changed after the infiltration, for the purposes of making sure this organization was squashed as a civic organization, because under civics, you find the Law.

    The Movement is “The Moorish DIVINE and NATIONAL Movement of the World, of which the Temple is under that, as well as the News paper, the Schools, the Women’s Auxiliary, the Men’s Business League, the Community Outreach Missionary Program, etc. The Divine cannot be separated from the National, thus there is no Divine side and National Side, it is combined as one, just as the Prophet said “A Divine and National Movement of the World. Natural Law, Common Law is derived from Divine Law. This is probably why many (not all) don’t know much about the Law, of which they are supposed to “carry out” and enforce. By thinking, or leading people to think, that this is a Religious Choice, and not the Civic Organization that it is, has helped to hinder the Movement, and explains why many don’t even know about the greatest man of the century. It can be perceived as a cover up of Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s great work, and a breeding ground for carrying out the infiltration.

    Overall, I am glad the conversation happened, as it is through these types of conversations that we can clear up things and expose those who are sensible, and those who are not, allowing the people to decide. This being done, in my opinion, just as the Prophet said, in this “electrifying age of information”, through media, internet, internet radio, etc.

    Peace and Love Forever Moor
    Sister Rahsmariah V. Bey

  4. Are you really quoting Gandhi?! You know he looked down on Afrikans as lesser people, right? He even went on record as saying that white people should govern South Africa. He’s a western savior, no doubt. A huge propaganda movement has made him out to be some kind of revolutionary when he was the exact opposite. Probably because they don’t want people fighting back. All this “love your abuser” bullshit. Anyway, read more here:

    • I am crystal clear. I was just giving him the respect for the quote. Don’t loop me with the sympathizers. Read On. I aint no U.S. Citizen. I am not an Afrikan. We make ourselves lesser people by using their classifications. At least Ghandi and his people new that they were not foreign to their land. At least when he told them to burn those contracts they listened. We still over here repeating the bullshit with this so called conscious movement and still do not have any independence from the west or their saviors. I AM the EXACT OPPOSITE.From the Original Force. I remember and I AM TIRED OF THE TALKING. I’m out.

  5. i am seeking to become a moor and proclaim my nationality i reside in chicago can someone direct me

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